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Insolita Studios Diverse Repertoire Blends Serious Games With Entertainment

Insolita’s Martin Fabichak on the Brazilian Game Industry and Taking on Big Challenges

Following my prior posts,Serious Game To Evaluate Your Entrepreneurial Skills and Insolita Studios: A Head Start for Serious Games in Brazil, where I covered Insolita’s "Serious Games" portfolio, Game Sauce has just blogged about their work and the Brazilian Game Industry.

In the last decade Brazil’s economy has been flourishing, spawning all kinds of new commercial and creative initiatives. Brazil has a fond love for gaming and a growing industry to match it. Game Sauce had a talk with the cheerful Martin Fabichak, Technical Director of Insolita Studiosin Sao Paulo, to find out more about him, his company and what makes the Brazilian game industry unique.

“One of the characteristics of being a young company in an upcoming industry is that you get to create all sorts of games. Insolita Studios has a diverse repertoire, from Serious Games to teach management skills, to comedic platformers feat…

Serious Games Promoting London Science Museum’s New Exhibition Gallery


RIZKis Playerthree’s brand new "Serious Game" for the Science Museum to promote Atmosphere its new exhibition gallery.

Photo Duncan Geere
The exhibition includes plenty of the museum's famous interactives along with a summary of the current state of knowledge about how the Earth's atmosphere works and how it's changing.
The exhibition and the Serious Game are designed to increase awareness and educate visitors about the science behind climate change.
RIZK is part of The London Science Museum's Climate Changing program, a three-year event featuring exhibitions and installations promoting environmental conservation and preservation.
An Interactive Gallery For Interactive Learning
As reported by TreeHugger, “the gallery space, brilliantly designed by Casson Mann, is contained in just one compact mezzanine level, which on first impression appears rather small. But, once you start moving through the gallery, you quickly realize the enormous amount of inf…

This Is A Serious Game! Latin America - 2nd Largest Social Media Consumer Worldwide

Brazil’s Unique Story
The most populous country in Latin America, Brazil is also the country with the largest number of people with Internet access: a total of 76 million people (13.2% of the Latin American population). With a huge % of web users using social networks, Brazil surpasses the U.S. and the U.K. in terms of sheer volume. 8 out of 10 Brazilian web users have Orkut accounts. Facebook comes second. Twitter is the third most popular social network in Brazil, used by 13% of the country’s web users. Twitter has attracted a younger population, with 37% of its members under the age of 17.
Via:Futurelab Blog

Futurelab has posted earlier this week Latin America: the Emerging Social Media Region where Michelle Chmielewski from Synthesio gives us an interesting update on Social Media usage in Latin America.

Here are some value metrics of Synthesio’s study:

10.2 % of all web users are Latin American

The number of web users in Latin America continues to grow yearly at a double-digit rate. Th…

THD: Serious Games via Open High Speed Broadband Digital Services

Beta-test iTowns THD
Via:ceFIMS ProjectFrance: Tres Haut Debit (THD) or Very High Bandwidth Experimental Platform
The THD experimental platform is an open platform for digital content and services in the Ile-de-France region, running up to April 2011.
This is a cooperative project piloted by the Cap Digital competitiveness cluster which brings together many public and private partners. The THD platform seeks to accelerate the prototyping and industrialization of online innovative services. It comes into play for the final stage of R&D, the technological adjustment of the interface or the ergonomics of the service, via experimentation in real utilization conditions with optical fiber users.
More than thirty companies are already using the THD platform via 28 experimental digital services and content projects in domains such as e-learning, video games, Serious Games, 3D, HD video, videophones, search engines, IPTV, web 2.0…
The project aims currently at offering the best dev…

A Tribute To David Wortley @ the Serious Games Institute: An Engine for EU Economic Regeneration

As of the 1st of February, David Wortley has left the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University - UK to renew his astonishing and uncompromising portfolio of challenges.
3 years ago David was nominated to set up, launch and develop the Serious Games Institute as an International Centre of Excellence for "Serious Games" and related technologies.
As the Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University, David Wortley has translated my personal credo “If you want to change the future, play it first!” into a tangible vehicle for making better futures at a global level.
Whilst several organizations were still articulating their Serious Games aspirations, acting their way into a new way of thinking, David had already put a stake in the ground by “thinking” Serious Games into a new way of acting.
Taking the belief that play speaks to that part of us "which is a gift, and not an acquisition” literally, David has opened new pathways of the possib…

20011 G4C Festival Call For Content: Serious Games For Social Change

Via:Games for Change (G4C)

Often called “the Sundance of Video Games”, the Games for Change Annual Festival brings together leaders from government, philanthropy, civil society, academia, and the game industry to explore the increasing real-world impact of Serious Games as an agent for social change.

The Festival is also a showcase for some of the most innovative new games in development. The only festival dedicated to the exciting movement using Serious Games for Social Change, the 8th annual Games for Change Festival will take place in New York on June 20-22:

- Monday, June 20 will be a day-long Pre-Festival Summit: introduction to the use of digital games and game design tools to promote social change and learning.

- Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22 are the core Festival dates.

To submit content to the 2011 Festival - either a speaking engagement, a nomination for the 2nd Annual Award show or a game demo - please refer to G4C "Call for Content" and follow the detaile…

London: Learning Technologies 2011 Addresses Serious Games

Via: The Learning Technologies Exhibition 2011- Europe's Leading Showcase Of Technology Supported Workplace Learning

Now in its 12th year, Europe's leading showcase of organizational learning and the technology used to support learning at work, Learning Technologies 2011 was held on January 26-27th at Olympia 2, London.

In 2011 the Learning and Skills exhibition again ran alongside Learning Technologies at Olympia. The combination of the two events has created the biggest event in the entire corporate learning sector.

After its hugely successful launch event where over 3,000 visitors attended, Learning and Skills 2011 has complemented the Learning Technologies exhibition and conference by showcasing the entire spectrum of methods, products and services available for workplace learning and employee development.

Under the Learning Technology track, the afternoon session on the 27th was dedicated to Games-Based Learning or Serious Games:

Using Games For Effective Learning

Speaker: Mar…