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Recap On My 2018 Post: ‘Does the Future Need Schools?’

Image credit: Future Learning Spaces by Kadima Mada - Educating for Life   In March 2018, John Moravec at Education Futures conducted a survey asking Does the Future Need Schools? John reached out to a select, diverse group of contacts from around the world to help bring some insight to the subject, aiming to generate an ecology of ideas for future research.   “As the future of work seems to become increasingly uncertain, schools charged with creating future-ready workers have changed very little over the past few centuries,” said Moravec. “A school from 2018 looks and functions little different than a school in 1918 would have operated. As we look 10, 20, or 50 years into the future, will ‘school’ be relevant?”   Revisiting My Personal Stand Back in March 2018, I believed school settings would experience disruptive changes, similar to the radical changes observed over the last three decades in creative companies’ workspaces.   Image credit: Google Workspaces Google h
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The Inverness Courier Takes A Look At Games For Learning @Home During Lockdown

Image credit: Beyond Blue by E-Line Media   Last week, The Inverness Courier covered under “Games of the Week” a handful of educational games for learning at home during lockdown.   Beyond Blue is one of them!   Inspired by the BBC's Blue Planet II nature documentary series, Beyond Blue is an educational underwater diving adventure game created by American studio E-Line Media , who had formerly developed Never Alone in partnership with Alaska Native storytellers and elders.   E-Line Media is a video game developer and publisher based in Phoenix, AZ, passionate about harnessing the power of games to help players understand and shape the world. The company has also been a key driver of a number of high-profile impact game initiatives, including the National STEM Video Game Challenge (launched at the White House by President Obama), the Games and Learning Publishing Council (funded by the Gates Foundation) and the ASU Center for Games and Impact.   Beyond Blue takes players into

Register For 2021 Serious Play Conference Online Event

  Image credit: Serious Play Conference Main Conference: Wednesday - Friday, June 23-25, 2021   At Serious Play Conference Online , attendees can choose from more than 100 sessions designed to help instructional designers and training professionals learn how to create, implement and evaluate the use of Serious Games and Simulations in professional training.   Attendees choose topics from 7 tracks covering the use of game-based learning in government/military training, corporate and nonprofit environments, healthcare or education.    Training leads and experts from higher education and game development will run more than 35 practical sessions on instructional design, including courses on virtual and augmented reality. Increase your skill and come back ready to bring improvement to your organization’s training program.   At Serious Play Conference Online, attendees can also choose sessions designed to help librarians, teachers and higher education faculty learn how t

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Serious Games Community In 2020

  I’d like to wish all my friends and colleagues around the world the very best for this festive season!   A Joyful Holiday and a Playful New Year!!!!!!!!

Feb 9: Entry Deadline For 2021 International Serious Play Awards

  Deadline for Serious Games Awards: Feb. 9 Competition Accepts Digital, Tabletop Entries   The entry deadline for the  2021 International Serious Play Awards  is Tuesday, Feb. 9,2021 The competition honors game-based learning games, either digital or tabletop, for use in the Military, Government, Business, Non-Profit, Healthcare, Higher Education, K12 or Museums/Visiting Centers.   The Award Program has three categories: Commercial Digital Learning Games (Professional); entries due by Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021 Tabletop/Board Game Learning Games (Professional and Students); submit entries by Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021 Serious Games developed by Students in game development college and university programs, due in May 2021   Entries are judged on how well-executed and clear the feedback, assessment and learning objects are; overall gameplay, which includes how engaging and interactive the game is, startup orientations for the player and aesthetics.   For

Open Source BCI Built Into XR Headsets To Measure Game Players Emotions

  Image credit: OpenBCI ant its Open Source Brain-Computer Interface   OpenBCI , a Brooklyn-based neurotechnology company, announced last week a new hardware and software platform called Galea conceived specifically for immersive headsets, which combines mixed reality with state-of-the-art biosensing and brain-computer interfacing (BCI) technology.   The headgear comes equipped with multiple sensors to simultaneously monitor biometric data streams in real time and is designed to seamlessly attach to head-mounted displays (HMD), including virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) devices. Galea also includes robust SDKs to bring biometric data into common development environments and enable researchers and developers across industries to produce next generation experiences through neurotechnology.   Galea is said to include several sensors, such as electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculography (EOG) electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activity (EDA), and photopleth

vIITSEC Dials Serious Games Showcase & Challenge to 15: Visit Our Virtual Booth

  Image credit: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge   Visit Our Virtual Booth at This Year's vIITSEC - A Retrospective Look of the Past 15 Years As you know by now, I/ITSEC 2020 is canceled due to COVID (please find also I/ITSEC 2020 Goes Virtual in the 15th Year of Serious Games Showcase & Challenge ), so we will not be holding our annual Serious Games Showcase and Challenge (SGS&C) this year. However, we are excited to have a virtual booth as part of vIITSEC and are offering a 15th anniversary retrospective of the SGS&C. Central to this event is our celebration of our past finalists.  The SGS&C would not be the amazing event it is today without our talented and dedicated developers who bring us excellent games to showcase, and this year we will highlight them!  We’ll find out how the SGS&C impacted our finalists and if there is anything happening currently with their games. The virtual booth will focus on a retrospective of the past 15 years of