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Upcoming Serious Play Free Webinar "When Machines Read Minds"

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For the first time in history, we are able to tap directly into the learning brain. Technologies like EEG used in learning groups at schools and in companies or organizations are dramatically changing our understanding of how people learn and develop skills, particularly in group settings.
In this session, a preview of his presentation at Serious Play June 23-25, John Kolm will describe how machines are indeed reading minds, and how this informs some new discoveries in teaching and learning from work done at UCLA, Sandia National Laboratories and elsewhere. Every part of teaching and learning will be affected, not just online training. More important even than the technologies are the new discoveries in education which they have enabled. Come to this session to get up to date on how these new discoveries will affect your role as an educator.
The technologies themselves, which are increasingly available and inexpensive, gather data from …
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Speakers, Draft Program Up For Serious Games Conference

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Check out the more than 80 sessions, line up of speakers for Serious Play 2020! Choose sessions from any track to learn about how serious games and VR simulations are changing education and training.
Speakers will dissect programs they’ve developed, explaining the challenges, to help you understand how to choose or make a training. The conference theme, “The Evaluation, Assessment and ROI of Serious Games,” will help you understand how to selector build in the tools to understand the value of your program and more about participants.
Participate in a Make a Game Workshop. Network. Learn new skills that will advance your career and improve your organization.
This year, we’ll be at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, June 23-25. 

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XR Simulation-Based Learning Products Radically Changing The Training Market

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AR, VR, Simulation-Based Learning Products Causing Profound Changes to Training Market;
Metaari Predicts These Technologies Will Drive Spending of $15.6 Billion by 2025

LOS ANGELES -- Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020 -- The global market for AR, VR and Simulation-Based learning products is in the midst of profound transformation, not growing traditionally via small incremental changes to existing products annually but driven by fundamentally new types of learning products. Metaari, the dominant firm analyzing change in the learning technologies market, forecasts global revenues will surge to $15.6 billion by 2025.

The one common characteristic of these new learning technologies is that they enable real-time performance improvement.

"These next-generation AR, VR, and Simulation-Based products accomplish both knowledge transfer and learning transfer, each a phase of the learning process, simultaneously," Sam Adkins…

Deadline Feb. 15 For Digital Serious Game Entries In International Serious Play Awards Competition

ORLANDO -- January 15, 2020 -- Entries in the 2020 International Serious Play Awards competition for Digital Serious Games are due February 15. 

International Serious Play Awards honor outstanding commercial titles designed for use in education or training programs.

Entry categories include: Corporate/Vocational; Healthcare/Medical; Local and State Government/Military; Museum/Visitor Centers; PreK Education; K-12 Education; Higher Education; and Other.

The entry form can be found here:
Media Contact:
Sue Bohle
310 721 9083

$18.66 Billion in Investment Flowed to Game-Based Learning Companies in 2019

A Record $18.66 Billion Flowed to Game-Based Learning Companies Globally in 2019
ORLANDO -- January 14, 2020 -- Investment in learning technology companies in 2019 blasted past previous highs, reaching $18.66 billion in 2019.

After 2018 surprised the industry, 2019 set another record. And in fact, investments in 2018 and 2019 combined far outstrip the total combined investments made to all ed tech companies during 20-year period between 1998 and 2017, according to serious games analyst firm, Metaari.

Across the globe, almost 900 learning technology companies reported investment. Forty-four companies received more than $100 million in funding in 2019. Of those, 17 were in the U.S. and 12 in China.

A big switch for 2019 was the steep increase in investment in corporate-facing advanced learning technology and higher education products. Investment in preK-12 and parent-facing educational software declined. 
Metaari has just released a free white paper, available at https://seriousplayconf.…

Serious Games Industry News Service, Business Website Launches Today

Serious Play Wire, a free news service covering new game-based products, platforms, simulations, technology and software as well as announcements about people, college game programs and analyst reports launches today.
The direct to email news feed is for anyone in the Serious Games Industry: corporate learning officers; government, military and healthcare training professionals; business consultancies; medical, nursing and pharmaceutical school faculty; instructional designers; solution providers; game developers; higher ed faculty; ed tech teachers, school administrators and curriculum designers; students interested in a career in the serious games industry; and VCs and principals of investment firms.
Serious Play Wire is the news source covering the entire Serious Games Industry.
News releases are also searchable under Military/Government, Healthcare, Business, Higher Education and K-12 tracks at
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Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Serious Games Community In 2019

I’d like to wish all my friends and colleagues around the world the very best for this festive season!
A Joyful Holiday and a Playful New Year!!!!!!!!