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John Moravec’s Survey: Does The Future Need Schools? Part 1

In March, John Moravec at Education Futures conducted a survey asking “Does The Future Need Schools?
John has reached out to a select, diverse group of contacts from around the world to help bring some insight to the subject, aiming to generate an ecology of ideas for future research.
“As the future of work seems to become increasingly uncertain, schools charged with creating future-ready workers have changed very little over the past few centuries,” says Moravec. “A school from 2018 looks and functions little different than a school in 1918 would have operated. As we look 10, 20, or 50 years into the future, will ‘school’ be relevant?”
The question was deceitfully simple, and the responses were rich. Education Futures reveals they have got some great answers and they shared what they have learned in a free, online webinar held Wednesday, May 16, when Kelly Killorn-Moravec and John presented their findings and then opened the floor for conversation, comments, and questions.
A write-up s…
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VR Thought Leader To Keynote @ Serious Play Conference NY in July

The 10th annual Serious Play Conference, to be held in July, comprises two events:
The 2018 NY Serious Play Conference will be held at the University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Building co-sponsored by Graduate School of Education, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences on July 16-19; and
The 2018 DC Serious Play Conference will be held at the George Mason University, Hilton Performing Arts Center hosted by Virginia Serious Games Institute on July 10-12.
Brett Leonard, a visionary in the VR space, will keynote at Serious Play Conference – NY.
Here is the press release:
Brett Leonard, Visionary Film Director Who Coined the Term and Introduced the Idea of "Virtual Reality," To Key Note Serious Play Conference at University at Buffalo
BUFFALO, NY - April 24, 2018 -- Brett Leonard, CEO of Studio Light Ship and visionary film director, producer and digital media and Virtual Reality (VR) futurist, will keynote Serious Play Conference NY at t…

Muzzy Lane & McGraw-Hill Bring Hundreds Of Serious Games To Higher Education

Muzzy Lane yesterday announced a major partnership with McGraw-Hill to bring hundreds of game-based simulations to their higher education Connect platform, leveraging on both companies’ proven capability to create and deploy “Serious Games” at scale.

“We’ve spent over a decade bringing the benefits of game-based simulations – feedback, adaptivity, and engagement – to students in higher education,” said David McCool, President & CEO at Muzzy Lane Software. “Partnering with McGraw-Hill allows us to reach many more students and increase our impact. Embedding the simulations in Connect gives instructors and students seamless access including single sign on, gradebook integration, and rich analytics.”

Here is the full press release:

New Capabilities Let Students Apply Knowledge to Real-World Scenarios, Develop Critical Thinking Skills

NEW YORK, N.Y. (April 23, 2018) - Learning science company McGraw-Hill Education today announced the addition of more than 50 game-based learning simulations…

Award Competition for Serious Games Made by Students: Entries Due May 15

Washington, DC - April 23, 2018, 2018 -- The Serious Games Association is again offering an award competition for board and digital games used for education or training created by students currently in high school or college academic game development programs. Submissions are due by May 15, 2018.

An entry form for the student competition is here:

Winners will be offered the chance to show their games at Serious Play Conference - DC, July 10-12, 2018 at George Mason University's Science & Technology Campus in Manassas, VA. or at Serious Play - NY, July 17-19, 2018 at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY.

Serious Play Conferences are gatherings of thought leaders in the fast-developing game-based learning industry. Serious games and simulations are used for education and training.

Contact: Sue Bohle Executive Director Serious Games Association sue at (310) 721 9083

UCSC Launching Professional Master’s Program In Serious Games This Fall

Scott Brandt, UCSC Vice Chancellor for Research, anticipates launching a Professional Master’s Program in Serious Games this fall, according to his article “Silicon Valley Campus raising profile”, posted last March.

“This program will formalize and expand work already being done in the Games and Playable Media Program such as Peace and Order, a virtual reality game by GPM student Chelsea Manzano, which explores the human consequences of the drug war in the Philippines,” he said.

The UCSC MS in Games & Playable Media and MS in Serious Games are 5 quarter, intensive programs .The Silicon Valley Campus is home to both programs.
The UCSC MS in Games & Playable Media is a master’s degree program that offers students an intensive, real-world experience, augmented by deep and frequent industry interactions enabled by the program’s Silicon Valley location and veteran faculty,” said Scott Brandt.
“In the past year alone, more than 50 members of the interactive entertainment industry have v…

Serious Games Conference: 100+ Speakers On The Future Of Serious Games

100+ Thought Leaders To Share Knowledge, Experience Creating, Implementing Game-Based Learning Programs July 10-12 at GMU

WASHINGTON, DC - March 26, 2018 - More than 300 educators and training professionals promoting the adoption of Serious Games in education and training will gather at George Mason University's Science and Technology Campus July 10-12, 2018 for Serious Play Conference, hosted this year by the Virginia Serious Games Institute (VSGI). As research shows that hands on, experiential activity better engages the learner and improves retention, game-based learning is gathering steam as an industry.

Serious Play Conference, now in its 10th year, brings together Serious Game developers, instructional designers, training leads and others implementing learning programs in government, corporations, healthcare institutions, museums, K12 and higher education. Sam Adkins, CEO of analyst firm Metaari, will highlight his new five year forecast report on the global market for Serious…

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Serious Games Community In 2017

I’d like to wish all my friends and colleagues around the world the very best for this festive season!
A Joyful Holiday And A Playful New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!