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Conscious Capitalism - Bikes Helping Students Bridge The Gap Between Knowledge And Skill

  Image credit: Conscious Capitalism – Bikes by Marketplace Simulations   Among the nine educational games developed for Higher Education use and cited for excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program is Conscious Capitalism – Bikes .   A collaborative effort between Conscious Capitalism®, Inc and Marketplace Simulations , the game challenges players to create and manage a new entrepreneurial venture in an innovative new niche of the bicycle industry. Students deal with ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues in addition to the usual management challenges of running a business. According to the developers, “Employers have long been signaling that new business graduates lack the level of critical competencies they will need in the workplace. Business schools need to do a better job of  helping students bridge the gap between knowledge and skill.”     The Conscious Capitalism® business simulation provides a cost efficient and scalable solutio
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Leadership 101 Short Sims for New Managers 2023 Edition

  Image credit: Clark Aldrich’s Short Sims   As anticipated in my previous post Coming Soon: Off-The-Shelf Leadership for New Managers Short Sim Suite , Clark Aldrich is introducing an off-the-shelf/tailorable suite of Short Sims tackling work-life balance, employee disengagement, and remote working.   According to Clark, “Most new managers are forced to learn critical leadership skills on the job.  The cost to productivity and morale is enormous.”   To address this, he continues to work with leading organizations across industries developing "Leadership 101" Short Sims for new managers to practice and understand their new role.     “For 2023, we are making a Short Sim suite—which has gathered the best-of-breed content—available either off-the-shelf or tailored to individual industries, entities, or specific initiatives,” says Clark. As with all Short Sims, they have distilled complex content into their simple essence.  They clarify and focus on immediate,

Osso VR’s “Learn Faster Perform Better” Training Platform Now Used by 1K Surgeons Monthly

  Image credit: Osso VR   Following its $66M Series C fundraise last March, Osso VR recently announced it has doubled in size over the last year, and expects to double its footprint again by 2023.   Acknowledged as the largest and fastest-growing virtual reality company in healthcare, Osso VR also surpassed an exciting milestone, having recently crossed the 200-employee threshold.   According to Road to VR , “the platform, which was created to provide surgeons with an immersive, repeatable environment to safely practice their craft, is now used by more than 20 teaching hospitals and eight top medical device companies across 11 countries.”   The company's modules cover multiple specialty areas, such as orthopedics, neurovascular surgery, and robotics, amongst others. In an interview last week to MIXED , Osso VR CEO Justin Barad revealed that the “VR training has made available more than 200 surgical training modules. By the end of the year, Osso  VR plans to sim

Coming Soon: Off-The-Shelf Leadership for New Managers Short Sim Suite

Image credit: Clark Aldrich’s Short Sims   Short Sims: The Pedagogy for the Next Generation   In the recent article “ Education for a Post-Baby Boomer World ”, Clark Aldrich invites us to commit to a new mission of education and use "learning to do" media (such as Short Sims ) that directly build the competencies and conviction that lead to behaviors in leadership, innovation, and other life and professional skills.   “Where standardized tests and drills are necessary,” Clark adds, “use rigorous assessment Short Sims focused on such topics as leadership, entrepreneurship, stewardship, self-mastery, ethics, and innovation. We know we have assessment right when students don't want to cheat.”    “Baby Boomers gave us online courses that spoke the passive language of teaching, using lectures and workbooks,” states Clark. “Now, Short Sims fill the gaps by speaking the active language of real-world discovery and progress.”   A Short Sim Suite on Leadership for New Managers is

SGS&C Awards Structure Is Now Based On Target Audience

  Image credit: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge   The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For — 2022 SGS&C Game Submissions Open!   We’re excited to announce the 2022 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is open and ready for business!   As always, the finalists chosen get to showcase their game at the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event, Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida from Nov. 28- Dec 2.   Attendees from all over the world take part in I/ITSEC, which includes a commercial exhibit hall, professional workshops, special events and so much more. The submission period closes September 2, so don’t wait.   SGS&C winners will be announced at I/ITSEC on Thursday, Dec. 1 — perhaps your game will be named a winner!   New for 2022 The awards structure has been updated and is NOW BASED on the target audience for the game submission for government and business, not submission ca

Serious Play 2022 Announces Post-Conference Skill Workshop Program

Image credit: Serious Play Conference   Skill Workshops For Serious Play Conference   2022 edition of Serious Play Conference, to be held at the University of Central Florida, Orlando starting on 13th June in both virtual and live formats, has just announced the Post-Conference Skill Workshop Program.   Below is the schedule for Post-Conference Workshops, which will be held on Thursday, June 14th and Friday, June 15th. These workshops must be purchased separately from the main conference. Click here to reserve your slot.  

Check Out Line Up Of Speakers For Serious Play 2022!

Image credit: Serious Play Conference   Speakers and Program Up For Serious Play Conference   2022 edition of Serious Play Conference will be held at the University of Central Florida, Orlando starting on 13th June in both virtual and live formats.   Check out the full program and line up of speakers for Serious Play 2022!   Serious Play Conference offers a full track of sessions on every major market for the use of Serious Games and Simulations in training or education as well as a full track on instructional/game design.   Select from more than 100 Sessions to create a Personalized Schedule: closer to the conference you will be able to create your own personal schedule of sessions you want to attend or access during the conference. Check back around May 1 for link.   Speakers from all parts of the globe will share their experience creating or using games or simulations in the corporation, classroom, healthcare institution, government, military and many othe