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Leadership 101 Short Sims for New Managers 2023 Edition


Image credit: Clark Aldrich’s Short Sims
As anticipated in my previous post Coming Soon: Off-The-Shelf Leadership for New Managers Short Sim Suite, Clark Aldrich is introducing an off-the-shelf/tailorable suite of Short Sims tackling work-life balance, employee disengagement, and remote working.


According to Clark, “Most new managers are forced to learn critical leadership skills on the job.  The cost to productivity and morale is enormous.”


To address this, he continues to work with leading organizations across industries developing "Leadership 101" Short Sims for new managers to practice and understand their new role. 


“For 2023, we are making a Short Sim suite—which has gathered the best-of-breed content—available either off-the-shelf or tailored to individual industries, entities, or specific initiatives,” says Clark.

As with all Short Sims, they have distilled complex content into their simple essence.  They clarify and focus on immediate, practical applications, all in less than 40 minutes.


Connecting business goals and values, this new manager leadership program also supports many broader ethics and inclusiveness initiatives.  


Topics include: 


  • Delegating Authority to engage employee passions

  • Role-Modeling for growing influence


  • Leading a Hybrid/Remote workforce for greater productivity and work-life balance

Image credit: Clark Aldrich’s Short Sims

The leadership content is foundational for new managers, and provides a baseline upon which organization specific initiatives can be built.  


Each of the four Short Sims takes about 8 minutes to play through.  They can be used as stand-alone learning or as part of your larger program.  And of course they use the revolutionary Short Sim methodology of experiential learning that is easy to tailor to your needs.


Visit Short Sims site to learn more.