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Coming Soon: Off-The-Shelf Leadership for New Managers Short Sim Suite

Image credit: Clark Aldrich’s Short Sims


Short Sims: The Pedagogy for the Next Generation


In the recent article “Education for a Post-Baby Boomer World”, Clark Aldrich invites us to commit to a new mission of education and use "learning to do" media (such as Short Sims) that directly build the competencies and conviction that lead to behaviors in leadership, innovation, and other life and professional skills.


“Where standardized tests and drills are necessary,” Clark adds, “use rigorous assessment Short Sims focused on such topics as leadership, entrepreneurship, stewardship, self-mastery, ethics, and innovation. We know we have assessment right when students don't want to cheat.”


 “Baby Boomers gave us online courses that spoke the passive language of teaching, using lectures and workbooks,” states Clark. “Now, Short Sims fill the gaps by speaking the active language of real-world discovery and progress.”


A Short Sim Suite on Leadership for New Managers is coming soon - an off-the-shelf four sim suite of core skills for new managers that is also easily customizable.


You can test drive one sim at Practicing Leadership and/or email to learn more.