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Money Experience Simulator Wins Bronze Medal In Serious Play Competition

Image credit: Money Experience's Personal Finance Program For Young Professionals has won Bronze Honors in the 2020 International Serious Play Awards

Money Experience Pro, developed by Money Experience, has been awarded a bronze medal for its excellence in the 2020 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Corporate/Vocational Skills category.

Designed specifically for millennials and Gen X in the workforce, Money Experience Pro is a financial wellness program that demonstrates the relationship between money and quality of life. Using a simulator, players first set their priorities for each phase of life and then make a variety of career, personal, and lifestyle choices – everything from marriage and family to health and retirement. A graphic novel within the simulator provides emotional contexts while relatable characters help players identify parallels to their own decision-making processes and understand how each choice aligns with their priorities, impacts their quality of life, and influences their finances.

According to the developers, with young people facing unprecedented financial challenges, it’s important to understand how money works, and how to make it work for each individual according to their own ambitions and measures of success. With that in mind, the simulation’s value proposition is to offer an effective and accessible financial literacy platform that helps players learn about money, plan their futures, and manage toward their goals:
Money Experience Pro - Personal Finance for adults and the workplace;
Money Experience Essentials - Personal Finance for Gen Z and the classroom.

Both products cover the whole arc of life decisions, calculating the outcomes of every choice, and culminate in detailed summaries of the player’s projected life and financial outcomes.

During gameplay, the simulator will guide you through life using general assumptions based on real averages and historical data. Throughout, you can rank your priorities in life and change them as you go along. This is a key component to understanding how your decisions affect your quality of life.

Image credit: Money Experience's Personal Finance Program For Young Professionals

There are 9 chapters and each one revolves around a phase of life, like going to college or starting a family. You can make choices that are similar to ones you have made already, or you can make completely different ones and see how they change different outcomes.

About Money Experience
Money Experience is an innovative edtech company addressing the need for personal finance education among young people and adults. Money Experience is headquartered at One Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.