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Short Sims Featured As The Cover Story Of January's TD Magazine

Image credit: Association for Talent Development (ATD)

TD Magazine is ATD's flagship publication for the talent development profession. 

As the interest around Short Sims continues to grow, Clark Aldrich had his article “Try Short Sims” featured as TD magazine's cover story for their highest profile issue of the year. In the words of TD, "The synergy between meaningful interactivity and cost effectiveness lies in short sims." 

Clark Aldrich, one of the top educational simulation designers in the world and the founder and managing partner of Clark Aldrich Designs, has been developing what he believes is the next stage of the Serious Games/Educational Simulation concept over the past five years.

In 2016, Clark launched a new website where he introduced Short Sims under the motto “Simple Educational Simulations Work Better”.

Object of my prior posts Clark Aldrich On Short Sims As The Next Stage Of Serious Games and The Case For Short-Form, Low-Cost Educational Serious Games, Short Sims, as explained by the author, “are an emerging type of interactive educational media that are typically five to 15 minutes long, with few words and many decisions. They tend to focus around a single subject area and can be embedded in traditional course material. They comprise a complete set of static, nonlinear storyboards that are connected together through links to create the sensation—and meet the pedagogical goals—of dynamic interactivity at a fraction of the time, cost, and requisite skill set.”

A PDF of the cover story is available at