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Microlearning For Companies About To Rewrite The Rules Of The Game


Image credit: Game Changer by TRAINING.GAME


Last year, Flagship Store, developed by the Dutch corporation, TRAINING.GAME, located in Amstelveen, The Netherlands, was awarded a gold medal for its excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program.


Flagship Store is a series of first person mobile microgames designed to train retail staff. Gameplay starts when you have just been hired at the prestigious Flagship Store, where everything revolves around the ultimate customer and brand experience. In 12 microgames, each lasting approximately 20 minutes, players are faced with professional and personal challenges. The fictional store is located in New York City.

Image credit: Flagship Store by TRAINING.GAME


The company’s new Mobile Serious Game for Corporate Learning, Game Changer, targets employees of companies that are on the verge of a step change and about to rewrite the rules of the game. 

Image credit: Game Changer by TRAINING.GAME


Game Changer is a miniseries of three game episodes, which are specifically developed for supporting change management processes. In this interactive storytelling game, you have been selected for a special task force: you are briefed and trained to prepare the entire organization and key stakeholders for a major strategy shift. 

The declared learning objectives of the whole training game miniseries is to engage, train and challenge players on how best to explain the benefits of a radical change for company, customers and employees.

Game Changer is a single player mobile game available on iOS and Android.

Image credit: Game Changer by TRAINING.GAME


TRAINING.GAME interactive storytelling games offer engaging storylines and recognizable scenarios than can be tailored to specific company needs.