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Ambassador: Best Serious Game 2011 at Serious Game Expo

Following my prior post Serious Game Expo 2011 – Serious Games In Innovative Companies DNA, the 7th Serious Game Expo, held in Lyon November 21-122, announced last week the winners of the 2011 awards: the Best Serious Game 2011 Award was granted to KTM Advancefor the game Ambassador created for Suez Environment and the Special Serious Game Expo Award was granted toDaesignfor the game Mission Antitrust, created for Michelin.

Suez Environmentand its subsidiaries are committed to protecting natural resources and ecosystems. The company provides solutions to millions of people and industries in the drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste management fields.

With more than 25 subsidiaries, 79,554 employees and a worldwide presence, presenting the Suez Group to the newcomers is a recurring daily challenge. This is the reason why Suez contracted the development of an interactive induction program targeting this audience and also existing employees, to reinforce company’s commitments.


3 Days to I/ITSEC 2011: World's Largest Modeling and Sim Exhibition

Boeing presents MT55 Pro-based Training Solution at I/ITSEC 2011
I/ITSEC will also feature the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge 2011 - Serious Games Competition Await 20,000 Expected Attendees From Around The World


Over a half-million total square feet of floor space will be occupied by virtual worlds, live enactments and synthetic operating environments in healthcare, disaster response, law enforcement and many other critical training areas at this year's I/ITSEC, taking place at Orlando's Orange County Convention Center, November 28-December 1.

600 corporations, research organizations, government and military organizations, and academic institutions will showcase the latest developments in live, virtual and constructive training technologies.

I/ITSEC will also feature theSerious Games Showcase & Challenge- a Serious Games competition, hosted annually by the National Training Systems Association in connection with the I/ITSEC Conference at the Orange County…

World Bank Institute: Serious Games For Leadership Capacity Building

Source: Press Release - Games To Shape Leadership For The World Of Tomorrow

By Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen - CEO Serious Games Interactive

The World Bank Institute is making a strong push for bringing "Serious Games" one step further with two leadership capacity building strategic games.

Early this year, the World Bank Institute issued a RFP for two new Serious Games addressing the processes of procurement reform and urban development. Here are the excerpts:

“Both products are intended to enhance existing multi-national training programs and activities that emphasize the key role of coalition building in leadership.”

“These digital games would be added to traditional materials WBI is utilizing in its leadership workshops. Preference will be given to a vendor who has already developed similar game simulations and can re-purpose an existing technology and game structure to serve this project. Each game is conceived of as a single player strategy game. The interface is expected to be si…

Future-Making Serious Games on Google+ Pages

 Google+ Pages Badges Are Now Out Of Preview With Updated +1 Count

The Google+ badge has graduated out of preview today. For those who’ve already added the code, this means all users will be able to see the badge starting today.

Featuring both an ‘add to circle’ and a ‘+1’ button, the Google+ badge
helps you grow your audience on Google+ while also showing more
recommendations on Google Search.

If you have linked your Google+ page to your site, the count of +1s on
the badge will represent the +1s across your brand including those
from your home page, your Google+ page, and any ads you’ve linked via Social Extensions.

Please note, once you’ve linked your Google+ page to your site, there
may be a delay before the count shown on the badge includes +1s from across your brand. During this delay, the badge will show the count of +1s from your Google+ page.

Get your Google+ badge with the badge configuration tool:

2012 National STEM Video Game Challenge Now Open For Entries

The nationwide competition (please find also 2011- STEM Serious Games Challenge - Winners Announced)invites game makers of every age to show their passion for both playing and making video games, while aiming to motivate children's interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

The four different categories are all dedicated to STEM Serious Games:  the Middle School and High School categories aim to motivate and engage students in STEM learning by challenging them to design and create their very own original video games. The Collegiate and Educator categories challenge emerging game developers to show us their skills by designing video games for children in pre-K - grade 12 that teach STEM curricula in a new and innovative way.
For more information and to register, please visit
This competition is being run by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and E-Line Media, in partnership with sponsors AMD Foundation, Entertainment Softwa…

Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers

Profile: Sid Meier's Civilization IV
Via: The Simulations and Serious Games Registry
In the next twelve monthsClark Aldrich is going to assemble a Simulation and Serious Games database that will be completely available for free to the public.
Clark explains his primary reason to create The Simulations and Serious Games Registry:
“I know a lot of organizations that want to find and buy readymade simulations and Serious Games, and I know a lot of great products that are out there that would meet their needs. But the mechanism for hooking up buyers and sellers doesn't exist.”
So in the next twelve months, he intends to solve that problem, starting with blog postings and then evolve it into a database designed explicitly for organizations to find them the best off-the-shelf products.
Aligned with the above objective, he has already posted 4 “profiles”: Simulation for Department of Homeland Security, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Project Integration Management Simulation, Sid Meie…

New Book: Getting Serious About Games In Libraries

Bringing The Total Gaming Experience To Your Library, written by Kelly Nicole Czarnecki and published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. (2011), addresses a context for learning that is pretty close to my heart.

The topic “Gaming & Libraries Broadening The Intersections” was object of my prior posts Getting Serious About Games In Libraries @ Future Making Serious Games Blog.

Kelly Czarnecki, who also authored the Tech Set book Gaming in Libraries, is a Technology Education Librarian at ImaginOn (NC), the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, USA.

ImaginOn (NC)
Czarnecki graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana with her MLIS and Ed.M in Educational Policy. She is a writer and speaker mostly about teens and youth using technology in the library.
Whether gaming is already a crucial part of your library's core services or it's only just been introduced, author Kelly Nicole Czarnecki, shows how to host gaming events for all different types of user…

Edutopia: How To Bring Serious Games Into The Classroom

The latest issue of Edutopia’s e-Newsletter, dated November 2, under the headline How to Bring Gaming into the Classroom, presents three must-read articles related to "Serious Games" at school (please find also Disconnects Between Serious Games Wins and Report Cards for Students’ Classroom Skills):
1.PlayIt Forward: New Xbox Games for Schools
Dr. Alex Games (his real name), Education Design Director at Microsoft Studios, shares some new game experiences that can bring both augmented reality and embodied learning into the classroom.
He holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction/Learning Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and led the Educational Games and Simulations Project at the Center for Instructional Technologies.
“Nearly three decades of scientific research in games and learning have shown evidence that game play can help players develop a systemic understanding of world phenomena, creativity and strategic problem solving skills. In the sequence of solvi…

Siqur: The Best European Simulation Serious Game 2011

Following my prior postFun & Serious Game Festival Bilbao, organizers announced today that Siqur, a safety training module for industrial plants, has been granted the Fun & Serious Game FestivalAward for Best Simulation Serious Game2011
Developed by Virtwayfor Stanford University, Siqur is aimed at “producing a change in attitude and behavior regarding safety in hazardous industries”.
It is already being used by companies like Air France or Bureau Veritas, and the Asturias-based developer is working on applications to new fields, e.g. ports, as revealed by Virtway founder and director José Antonio Tejedor.

“In all customer satisfaction surveys, Siqur averaged 90%, whereas the same contents in a traditional e-learning format only reached 30%,” Mr Tejedor explained. “Using the Xbox 360 as the module’s device, the adaptation period has come down to 2 to 5 minutes, and the concept memory rate after a week is five times higher.” 
About Siqur Serious Game
Siqur combines the effectiven…