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Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers

Profile: Sid Meier's Civilization IV

In the next twelve months Clark Aldrich is going to assemble a Simulation and Serious Games database that will be completely available for free to the public.

Clark explains his primary reason to create The Simulations and Serious Games Registry:

“I know a lot of organizations that want to find and buy readymade simulations and Serious Games, and I know a lot of great products that are out there that would meet their needs. But the mechanism for hooking up buyers and sellers doesn't exist.”

So in the next twelve months, he intends to solve that problem, starting with blog postings and then evolve it into a database designed explicitly for organizations to find them the best off-the-shelf products.

Aligned with the above objective, he has already posted 4 “profiles”: Simulation for Department of Homeland Security, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Project Integration Management Simulation, Sid Meier's Civilization IV and Army Influence Trainer.

Each profile contains a thorough review of a Serious Game or Sim. If you would like any of your work to be included in this project, just fill out this spreadsheet as completely as possible (he doesn't need every cell filled out), one row per product, and then also send three screen shots (between a third to a full meg), using the naming convention of [sim name]-[picture number (1-3)].jpg.

Aldrich believes this resource can fundamentally change the industry.

“The industry will get larger, easier to navigate, with the great examples being highlighted. Twelve months after its launch, this database and the clear view it enables will become indispensable to users, buyers, vendors, and the press”, he says.

Now in Phase Two: The Simulation and Serious Games Registry, ClarkChart, is now available in beta.