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Ambassador: Best Serious Game 2011 at Serious Game Expo

Following my prior post Serious Game Expo 2011 – Serious Games In Innovative Companies DNA,  the 7th Serious Game Expo, held in Lyon November 21-122, announced last week the winners of the 2011 awards: the Best Serious Game 2011 Award was granted to KTM Advance for the game Ambassador created for Suez Environment and the Special Serious Game Expo Award was granted to Daesign for the game Mission Antitrust, created for Michelin.

Suez Environment and its subsidiaries are committed to protecting natural resources and ecosystems. The company provides solutions to millions of people and industries in the drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste management fields.

With more than 25 subsidiaries, 79,554 employees and a worldwide presence, presenting the Suez Group to the newcomers is a recurring daily challenge. This is the reason why Suez contracted the development of an interactive induction program targeting this audience and also existing employees, to reinforce company’s commitments.

Ambassador is a Serious Game based on the Suez Environment’s document: “4 priorities, 12 commitments”.

Through various and successive missions, the player has to develop an environmental performance model for water and waste management of a city: players progressively understand Suez Group’s professions and areas of expertise, waste and water cycles, group’s commitments and sustainable development actions.