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Aflac Trivia: Serious Game For Insurance Salespersons

BreakAway Gamesis this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withAflac Trivia
Aflac Trivia is a game that challenges insurance salespersons to see if they are aware of Aflac product info. Developed foriOS and Android platforms,the gameis structured much like popular mobile trivia games and is intended for insurance salespersons who are not Aflac employees but sell Aflac products. It is designed to be engaging so that the contractors who sell Aflac products will play it.  During gameplay players are tested on their detailed knowledge of Aflac’s insurance policies, and learn the details they don’t already know.
“Put your product knowledge to the test with the new Aflac Trivia game. Spin the wheel to choose from four categories and make your way through Aflac Island. Along the way you’ll learn product sales tips, statistics and even stumble upon some useful wildcard information.”

The goal is to advance the Aflac
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PSI Partners With Totem For Game-based Assessments In Talent Acquisition

Image credit: Joan Ganz Cooney Center
In a recent article “Introducing Game-based Assessments into Your Recruitment Process”, MindX states that Game-based Assessments (GBAs) are gathering significant momentum and being adopted by both forward-thinking corporates and rapidly growing scale-ups.
According to Revelian, an Australian-owned organization specializing in the development and delivery of cutting-edge assessments, candidates largely prefer game-based assessments to traditional recruitment tests. “They’re perceived as more fun, less stressful, interactive and immersive. Candidates often relate these perceptions to a culture of innovation and pushing the envelope.”
Yesterday, PSI and Totem Learning announced a partnership to provide employers a competitive edge when seeking top talent. Please find below the full press release.

PRESS RELEASE PSI Partners With Totem Learning In The UK For New Era of Games Based AssessmentsPresswire, 16 November 2017
PSI, the leading global assessment pro…

Martha Madison Game-based Curriculum Closing STEM Affiliation Gap

Second Avenue Learningis this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge withMartha Madison
Created with teachers and students, and aligned with standards, the Martha Madison game-based curriculum has had research at its core from the very beginning.
Funded by the National Science Foundation, Martha Madison was designed to address students’ lagging interest and performance in STEM. The game utilizes a problem-based learning approach wrapped in an entertainment-quality video game, with each game mechanic aligning with specific learning objectives and Next Generation Science Standards.
Research findings have demonstrated that Martha Madison is an effective and exciting approach to science education for students of both genders and across all socioeconomic groups. 
The game modules include content on: Optics, Forces, Waves, Energy, Magnetism,Electricity, and Simple Machines.

Each module helps students learn about a diff…

Game of Sales: Serious Game For Emotionally Intelligent Selling

EI Games LLC is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with Game of Sales.
Game of Sales is a business selling and presentation game based on founder Kevin Allen’s successful business development career and his bestselling book The Hidden Agenda - A Proven Way to Win Business & Create a Following.
Game Background
Founded on key principles of the importance of emotional motivation, Game of Sales centers on personality profiling and also brings practical selling techniques from Allen’s famed pitching career. The “Serious Game” creates a highly engaging scenario of the player leading a pitch for a vital new account.
The game’s objective is to impart theories and practices in emotionally intelligent selling, such as connecting with your audience, understanding personality profiles, preparing for the presentation, and closing to win. Beyond this, the game directly address increased skill levels and experience…

MyStartup: Serious Game To Understand Effective Market Demand

Simsoft Technologies LLC, an affiliate company of Simsoft Information Technologies and a partner of Tampa Bay Technology Incubator at USF Connect, is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with MyStartup.
MyStartup is an entrepreneurship game for Android where players try to succeed by correctly understanding the concept of effective market demand, which means that only if a demand for a product is actually backed up by a willingness and an ability to pay does demand become effective or actual in the market.
In the game, players face the challenge of starting a successful business in Oldbridge City – a city that has become the go-to choice for many entrepreneurs due to its thriving industry. Players begin with picking a business idea and determining if there is potential to build a profitable business around it.

In order to assess the market potential of a business idea, players can conduct market research s…

Serious Games Engage Students In Emotional Learning As Part Of Curriculum

Image courtesy of Holyoake
DRUMBEAT Quest® is an amazing single player, rhythmic adventure game designed to explicitly teach social emotional competencies, combining the positive neurobiological effects of rhythm with gaming to engage with young people.
DRUMBEAT Quest’s narrative draws its inspiration from the award winning DRUMBEAT Program. DRUMBEAT stands for Discovering Relationships Using Music – Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes and Thoughts. It is a psycho-education intervention used by schools, youth services, adolescent mental health services, child trauma services and juvenile justice agencies across Australia and overseas. 
Image courtesy of Holyoake The program uses hand drumming to engage participants in a co-operative group process that explores social connections
The African djembe drum is a perfect medium – it’s easy to play (reduces fear of failure), it’s powerful (demands attention) and playing it is physical (releases tension). Participants learn how to cooperate, collaborate …

Kickstarter Campaign For Math Board Game Large Scale Distribution Launched!

Image credit: NumRush Math Game
In NumRush, the Witty Mushrooms are masters of the Arithmagic forest. Using their magical skills, they can manipulate the Living Numbers to create clean energy.
NumRush, a Math tabletop board game, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $30,000. The campaign begins on November 7 and ends on December 6, and aims to bring the excitement of NumRush to a larger community. 
To back the game large scale distribution please visit
NumRush is a Math Racing Game targeting ages 8+ (or 6+ with guidance). In the game, players solve number puzzles to win a race in a fantasy Math World. Developers’ higher aspiration is the new “Board Serious Game” to become the Scrabble of Math!
NumRush was founded by Nhat Le and Tuan Ngo, who share the love for board games and appreciation for Math. They wanted to pass along to younger kids this fun way of interacting with Math and are doing so …