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Conscious Capitalism - Bikes Helping Students Bridge The Gap Between Knowledge And Skill


Image credit: Conscious Capitalism – Bikes by Marketplace Simulations


Among the nine educational games developed for Higher Education use and cited for excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program is Conscious Capitalism – Bikes .


A collaborative effort between Conscious Capitalism®, Inc and Marketplace Simulations, the game challenges players to create and manage a new entrepreneurial venture in an innovative new niche of the bicycle industry. Students deal with ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues in addition to the usual management challenges of running a business.

According to the developers, “Employers have long been signaling that new business graduates lack the level of critical competencies they will need in the workplace. Business schools need to do a better job of helping students bridge the gap between knowledge and skill.” 


The Conscious Capitalism® business simulation provides a cost efficient and scalable solution to this problem. The simulation places students in a game environment that allows them to practice what they learn in a safe learning space. Through hands-on learning, students transform their knowledge into skills. Not only do they know what to do in practical business situations, they are able to do it.


Game Scenario

In this simulation, students are provided with the seed capital to start up an innovative, new product line, 3D-printed, carbon fiber bikes. These bikes are light, strong, and very affordable. And, they can be customized to each customer’s physical and performance requirements. Bike riders are very intrigued by these benefits but are waiting to see what the players will bring to the market. A big game changer for the industry is that 3D printers enable made-to-order production. This breakthrough eliminates the need to hold inventory anywhere in the supply chain, and the costs to finance and store inventory are eliminated.


The game uniqueness resides in the fact that it allows players to experience the impact of “learning to do” as opposed to “learning to know”. Those who have ever formatted new offerings for market re/positioning or played the traditional spreadsheet-based equivalent business games, are to be amazed by the most playable, engaging, and compelling solution Marketplace Simulations have come up with.


Developers have created a breathtaking test bed for aligning game context with market dynamics, immersing players in a unique experience that shows how data can be translated into actionable information; how leaders can harness that information to make better strategic decisions and decide to become a Conscious Business harmonizing the interests of all stakeholders.


There are also micro-simulations that constitute an added bonus, allowing players to enjoy key business concepts and helping to perform better in the main simulation.


Conscious Capitalism – Bikes is offered in two versions: “Play Again Classmates” and “Play Against the Computer”. Teams of 4-5 students work well. But students can play individually, eliminating the need to arrange teams, which may be impractical in large classes.


The Play Against the Computer version is made available at Harvard Business Publishing Education.  For the Play Against Classmates version, see

Image credit: Conscious Capitalism – Bikes by Marketplace Simulations


The goal of the Conscious Capitalism - Bikes simulation is to develop conscious leaders that build sustainable businesses that benefit all stakeholders. 

Students are challenged to operate a conscious business in contrast to the traditional profit-maximizing paradigm. They deal with ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues in addition to the usual management challenges of running a business. It is fun, realistic, relevant, and spirited. 


Players start up an international bicycle company. Two innovative technologies, an economical form of carbon fiber and advanced 3D printers, make it possible to build carbon fiber bikes of any size and shape. The new carbon fiber bikes are still pricey, but more affordable than current models. Will buyers pay the premium for a light weight, really cool, carbon fiber bike tailored to their needs? There is also a new mindset emerging in global commerce, Conscious Capitalism. Will the players take on an expanded goal to become a profitable, conscious business that aligns and harmonizes the interests of employees, customers, suppliers, the community, and shareholders?


Gameplay is online, self-guided with an intuitive interface, built-in instructions, help files, and helpful warnings. There are 6 decision rounds of 2 to 3 hours. 

This simulation is based on the Conscious Capitalism movement founded by Dr. Raj Sisodia. Marketplace Simulations is a global company based in Knoxville, Tennessee. Conscious Capitalism® is one of over 30 simulations created by Marketplace Simulations