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SGS&C to Resume Challenge in 2021


Image credit: Serious Games Showcase & Challenge


We Look Forward to Welcoming Our Finalists at I/ITSEC

2020 was a quite different year – for everyone. For the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge (SGS&C), the year was marked by a pause of our traditional Serious Games competition and exhibition. Luckily, vIITSEC presented an unanticipated opportunity to reflect on the past 15 years in Serious Games, through an on-demand, video-based commemoration.


For 2021, we are happy to announce that the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge is back! We are looking forward to our best event yet under the leadership of Meagan French of BetterLesson and LCDR Devin Corrigan of USN Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD)!


Since 2006, the SGS&C has helped foster creativity and innovation in Serious Games as part of NTSA’s I/ITSEC, and it is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce the return of our challenge in 2021! We can’t wait to see your creative and inventive minds at work once again and look forward to playing this year’s submitted games. 

Some Rules Changes For the 2021 SGS&C

Each year, following the awards ceremony at I/ITSEC, the SGS&C committee gets together to discuss the successes of the past year and areas of growth for the coming year.

Based on feedback from last year's committee, evaluators, sponsors, and the game developers, we've made a few changes to the rules. Be sure to visit our website where we've highlighted the changes and to read what you can expect with regard to submission procedures, video demonstrations, and I/ITSEC attendance. 




Meet the 2021 IPT Lead: Meagan French with BetterLesson

Meagan joined the IPT in 2019 after attending the Serious Games and Showcase Challenge in 2018 to showcase Martha Madison, developed by Second Avenue Learning, which won the 2018 Students' Choice Award. After meeting the IPT committee and learning about its members’ collective passion for serious games, she jumped at the opportunity to join the team. Meagan is passionate about the education market and how Serious Games can impact learners of all backgrounds and all ages. She is the Associate Director of Partnerships for BetterLesson, a provider of professional development solutions for K-12 school districts. She received her B.A. in Political Science from Villanova University.