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Creating Rapid-Prototyped Games for Health @ David Wortley’s Virtual Roundtables

Image credit: David Wortley’s Virtual Roundtables using a new virtual networking platform called Remo

David Wortley, Vice President of the International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM), has been leading weekly webinars and virtual roundtables to bring together digital health researchers and practitioners and build a collaborative game-based platform.

Founding Director of the Serious Games Institute (SGI) at Coventry University and later on of GAETSS, David early recognized that the behavioral psychology behind Serious Games was at least as important as their enabling technologies, and that would make game-based processes a power for disruptive change.

The International Society of Digital Medicine (ISDM) was launched in China in 2016 as a global initiative to promote and share best practices in digital health. In the 4 years since its foundation, there has been a noticeable trend towards digital technologies becoming more and more important as clinical therapies in addition to their uses for clinical diagnostics.

It is against this background and the sudden disruptive impact of COVID-19, that the European Chapter of ISDM began supplementing and enhancing its knowledge sharing beyond the Digital Medicine Journal and bi-annual conferences into an ongoing online program.

To facilitate this collaboration among digital health researchers and practitioners, 3 different contexts have been used since the virtual program launch in April 2020:

1)Zoom Webinars at, which include not only recordings of live webinars featuring expert panel discussions, but also individual interviews with digital health experts across many disciplines and technologies.

2) Remo Virtual Networking, virtual roundtables using an innovative platform that provides participants with an opportunity to network and form collaborative relationships with international partners.

3) Rapid-Prototyping Games Tool designed to accelerate prototyping of Healthcare Short Serious Games utilizing 360-degree video and image libraries.

Image credit: David Wortley’s Coronavirus Game Challenge

“The enabling technologies used to create these types of Serious Games are affordable, accessible and easy enough to use in the hands of subject matter experts,” says David Wortley. “They make the creation of new highly targeted medical Serious Games very quick and cost effective,” adds David.

A prime example of such a digital medicine game aimed at coronavirus education has been developed for the Asian audience and is accessible online at This Serious Game is a demonstrator prototype game incorporating and showcasing some key elements of game-based education to influence lifestyle behaviors which protect citizens against coronavirus.

“These new powerful Serious Games development tools based on real-world environments can also be delivered across multiple platforms including laptops, smartphones and VR headsets in both online and off-line formats,” states David. “They can even be integrated into Learning Management Systems with very granular analytics to support learning and development professionals,” he concludes.

A recording of the webinar which focuses on the creation and demonstration of this game is available on YouTube at