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@SeriousPlayConf The Sizeable Game-Based Learning Market By 2025

Serious Play Conference Online Event, June 24, 2020 – Yesterday evening at Serious Play Conference, Sam Adkins shared the New Metaari Forecast for Worldwide 2020-2025 Game-Based Learning Market – GBL as a subset of the learning technology industry and not as a subset of the video game industry.

Sam Adkins is the CEO of Metaari, the most prominent analyst firm in the industry, and has been researching advanced learning technologies since 2005 focused on identifying revenue opportunities for market players.

During his online evening keynote at Serious Play Conference, Sam reviewed highlights of the U.S. Report.

The U.S. will be the top buying country for the next five years and revenues will more than triple to $7.5 billion by 2025. The sharp uptick in Game-Based Learning in the U.S. is no longer being driven by the consumer purchase of educational games, a leading trend in recent years, but by the rapid acquisition of business simulations, cybersecurity training games and pre-employment assessment and evaluation games in the corporate segment.

2020-2025 Primary Catalysts Highlights:

“AI Integration and Mixed Reality evolving at exponential rates.”

“Natural Language Processing (NLP) is at the core of AI-based learning.”

“Historic levels of private investment.”

“Global distribution deals dramatically expanding the reach.”

“Major M&A activity validates the market and drives massive adoption. Big global tech companies are buying their way in.”

“Pre-employment assessment and evaluation games for job candidates generate the highest revenues. US growth rate (CAGR) for this segment is 49.7%.”

“US growth rate for VR-based SG is 49.2% and for AI-based learning games is 45.0%”

“Growing number of new online marketplaces.”