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Upcoming Serious Play Free Webinar "When Machines Read Minds"

Image credit: Serious Play Conference

For the first time in history, we are able to tap directly into the learning brain. Technologies like EEG used in learning groups at schools and in companies or organizations are dramatically changing our understanding of how people learn and develop skills, particularly in group settings.

In this session, a preview of his presentation at Serious Play June 23-25, John Kolm will describe how machines are indeed reading minds, and how this informs some new discoveries in teaching and learning from work done at UCLA, Sandia National Laboratories and elsewhere. Every part of teaching and learning will be affected, not just online training. More important even than the technologies are the new discoveries in education which they have enabled. Come to this session to get up to date on how these new discoveries will affect your role as an educator.

The technologies themselves, which are increasingly available and inexpensive, gather data from the brain that will become indispensable in the teaching and learning programs of K-12 schools: how students and student groups behave as they experience success, failure, high challenge, low challenge, different learning and classroom structures and methods to assess and react to student challenges, engagement, and behavior. Utilizing these capabilities will be a core skill for all teachers in the next two to five years.

This session will present an overview specifically aimed at your needs, and which is intended to help you evaluate the many changes and also some of the wild claims – some justified, and some not. A practical demonstration is included, and a discussion will follow.

You will leave excited, or scared, or both.

John Kolm is a career specialist in team and leadership development. Born in Australia and having served for ten years in the Australian and U.S. intelligence communities, he emerged with a firm conviction that learning needs to change in order to fit the modern workplace. Organizations John works with in this field include IBM, Toyota, Pfizer, Intelsat, the U.S. State Department, the FDA, NASA and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management among many others. In 2004 John wrote a global best-seller on success and leadership at work, “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail”, published by Penguin in seven languages and fourteen countries. Now in the fourth edition, a sequel will be out soon.

John’s academic background is in math and psychology. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne in psychology and math, and the U.S. National Cryptologic School in pure and applied math. His academic interests include some of the mathematical ideas behind team in group behavior, group learning and group performance, team neurodynamic dynamic behavior and state transitions within learning teams, and above all, how all is this can be combined by practical trainers and educators into clear behavioral results with students in the here and now. John lives in Potomac MD with his wife and son.

John Kolm will be speaking at the 2020 Serious Play Conference.

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