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Serious Game Helps Managers Learn And Practice Coaching Techniques

Image credit: Pragmatic Leadership - Coaching Leader Serious Game

Pragmatic Leadership: Coaching Leader, a Serious Game created by Wrainbo, Inc. for Bacharach Leadership Group, has won silver honors in the 2019 International Serious Play Awards competition in the Company Training category.

The Coaching Leader game was designed to help managers learn and practice coaching techniques that are immediately applicable to their day-to-day conversations with those they lead. Coaching enables managers and leaders to engage and develop their people and include competencies such as active listening, asking facilitative questions, and giving feedback.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a people manager to role-play in various real-world scenarios, such as giving feedback to their subordinates. The branching dialogue design provides dozens of paths for the players to practice and immerse in.

All the game sessions and modules are bite-sized and can be consumed in 5-12 minutes. It allows the content to be digested easily and fits perfectly in an information-overloaded lifestyle.

Based on how the player selects the choices, both a quantitative score and qualitative feedback are given immediately, helping players to understand where they excel and where they have gaps to improve.

In the library section of the game, short learning sessions in multiple formats (video, infographics, texts, quizzes) compose a knowledge base of the coaching skills for different learning styles.

The game provides a perfect context for players to role-play a coaching leader and experience a number of live-like situations that are often quite challenging such as listening for possibilities and exploring alternative career paths & choices.