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VR Serious Games In The Maritime Industry

Image credit: SQLearn

In the recent article “Playing Serious Games with Virtual Reality”, the Maritime Executive addresses how SQLearn has created VR familiarization walkthroughs using basic sections of a tanker vessel.

SQLearn has developed its Dolphin Platforms - a complete suite of specialized learning services for the shipping industry - focusing on the seafarer's active participation in the learning matrix while reducing the time and cost of the training process.

According to the company, VR technology offers unsurpassed scenario-based training opportunities. Now easily deployable at sea or on land, seafarers can play Serious Games with an autonomous device that generates interactive games designed to achieve specific training goals.

Applications of VR technology in the maritime industry include ensuring crew have the experience they need to safely and efficiently deal with situations such as mooring operations, machinery adjustments, galley fires or engine room explosions.

SQLearn’s technology can be deployed using either Oculus Rift headsets or Oculus Go - an autonomous device that offers maximum portability. 

Image credit: SQLearn
SQLearn has created VR familiarization walkthroughs using basic sections of a tanker vessel, most notably the bridge, various parts of the engine room and the deck.

Image credit: SQLearn
From Crunchbase
“A Greek company founded in 2006, SQLearn specializes in the provision of integrated e-learning solutions. SQLearn addresses enterprises and educational institutions offering them the best experience on e-learning.”

“Their flagship product is the e-learning suite, an integrated e-learning environment of Synchronous and Asynchronous education which provides all the utilities needed for the management of the educational process.”

“SQLearn also provides a digital library of multimedia educational material. It is aimed at adults and has been built based on the principles of pedagogy and instructional design for e-learning, allowing the user to interact directly with the educational material.”