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CCO Dan Norton On What Makes Great Learning Games Great

Image credit: Filament Games

Making great learning games is both an art and a science. It takes practice, experience, and a whole lot of talent.  Making something that has never existed is a risky endeavor but Filament Games seems to have a safety net - a philosophy and methodology that produces highly efficacious and deeply engaging learning games.

Today, they decided to share a video they put together about “How We Make Great Learning Games”. In about 15 minutes, they distill their tried-and-true methodology that they’ve honed over the last 11 years.

It’s delivered by their very own Chief Creative Officer, Dan Norton. You’ll hear what makes a great learning game, the practical steps they take during design and development, and the core strategies they employ to keep things on track.

“Over the course of 11 years of making more than 100 educational games, we’ve developed some fairly strong opinions about what makes a great learning game - from mechanics, to learning objectives, to organization, we have a lot of specific ideas about best practices for learning game development,” says Dan Norton.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to him speak, that’s reason enough to give it a listen! So whether you make games, evaluate games, or are generally curious about what they do, I encourage you to take a look at

About Filament Games
Filament Games is a world-renowned studio that creates playful digital learning experiences for learners of all ages. Their unique skill set and best-in-class methodology results in high-quality games, simulations, and experiences that drive high efficacy, strong engagement, and long-term retention. They develop 2D/3D games and simulations as well as VR and AR experiences for any content area and any device type.