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VR Serious Game Helps Dental Students Learn Fundamental Techniques

Dental Madness - Image credit: Full Sail University

Dental Madness, developed by Full Sail University, was selected as a finalist in the 2018 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge in the Student Category.

Dental Madness is a virtual reality (VR) training simulation intended to assist first and second year dental students in learning fundamental techniques.

According to the developers, the coordination of using a dental drill in the user's right hand and a dental mirror in their left is a difficult to master technique. Even dental professionals have a difficult time with the technique after a week or more absence (such as a vacation). Dental Madness focuses on this technique for two of the exercises.

Dental Madness addresses three skills: Coordination of Dental Drill (right hand) and Dental Mirror (left hand); Memorization of Universal Teeth Numbers; and Identifying Gum Health, if gum disease is present. 

Dental Madness - Image credit: Full Sail University

In the game, players are challenged to check three locations for gum disease, locate cavities, identify cavities location on the Universal Tooth Numbering Chart, and drill instances of cavity decay.

Gum Disease Exam
Dental Madness - Image credit: Full Sail University

Identify Cavities Location
Dental Madness - Image credit: Full Sail University

Drill Cavity Decay With Mirror
Dental Madness - Image credit: Full Sail University

Players’ learning is measured by their performance in the exercises. The game informs them if their work/guesses are incorrect and they have the chance to try again to correctly indicate the gum pocket depths, for example. Players have to learn the proper numbering of teeth to truly grasp and perform the techniques of Dental Madness.

Dental Madness game runs on Windows 10, version 1803, with HTC Vive, Vive Tracker and Polhemus 3Space Fastrak and Fastrak sensors attached to Dental Madness controllers, custom 3D printed components, custom Arduino device

The combination of the virtual reality headset, the 3D printed teeth and tools and the one-to-one correspondence of the physical feel to the virtual world is what makes Dental Madness innovative.