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Serious Game Turns Planet Earth Into A Geographical Puzzle

Joko's World Pocket Planet - Image credit: Cultural Infusion

Joko's World Pocket Planet, developed by Cultural Infusion, was selected as a finalist in the 2018 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge in the Business Category.

Joko's World: Pocket Planet was the winner of SimGHOSTS 2018 Australia. The event included the Serious Games Showcase and Challenge Australasia, with the winner going on to compete in the Global Serious Games Showcase and Challenge at I/ITSEC in Orlando, Florida, in November  2018.

Available on App and Google Play Stores, Pocket Planet is a puzzle game that expands children’s knowledge of geography while driving them slightly nuts trying to find Lesotho, a landlocked country completely surrounded by South Africa; or Andorra, a tiny monarchy wedged between France and Spain and jointly ruled by two co-princes – one of whom is the President of France and the other a Roman Catholic Bishop.

Playing as Joko, children help find Joko’s missing alien friends that have gotten lost while exploring earth. To find the aliens, players can fly around the world matching countries and landmarks, following clues, racing along famous voyages, and dodging obstacles.

Joko’s World is a series of award winning children’s educational games (ages 7 -11+) developed by Cultural Infusion. To date, six games have been released based on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), featuring multiple curriculum areas - Music, Humanities, Literacy, and History.

For Pocket Planet the developer wanted to have the learning deeply embedded in the game, and so the act of moving in the game involves spinning the globe and learning about geography. As the player looks for the countries, Joko will provide hints and in some modes provide cultural information about the countries.

Here are the areas covered in Pocket Planet:
Learn the location of countries and the diverse characteristics of their places;
Learn about the climates of the world;
Learn about settlement, demographic characteristics of different places;
Learn about early explorers from different continents;
Learn about celebrations from around the world.

Turning planet Earth into a fun geographical puzzle, the game allows players to learn more about the world we live in by locating countries, capital cities, flags and famous landmarks, and in the process learn about their cultural significance.

Joko's World Pocket Planet - Image credit: Cultural Infusion