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Mobile Serious Game For Superior Customer Experience In Insurance Services

Impact CX: The Quest - Image credit: Leo Learning

Impact CX: The Quest, a mobile-first Serious Game created by LEO Learning for LOMA, the international trade association for the insurance and financial services industry, earned the best game-based solution award at DevLearn 2018 Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas late October.

In the game, players interact with a fictional insurance company. As they progress from novice to guru, they take on different roles within the company and complete a series of branched-scenario missions. Learners must use sound judgement techniques and empathy to respond to customer needs and make decisions that ensure the best possible customer experience across the entire customer journey. Repeat play is encouraged either to improve the player’s score or see the outcomes of alternative decisions.

Impact CX: The Quest - Image credit: Leo Learning

Game Background
LOMA has been providing education solutions for insurance and financial services professionals for nearly a century. As a highly-trusted international association, LOMA provides designations, educational resources and products to more than 1,200 insurance organizations across the world.

But the insurance industry has changed, with customers becoming more aware, more connected and more demanding than ever before. CX (or Customer Experience), in LOMA’s view, is all-important in engaging and retaining customers in the insurance world.

To realize this objective, LOMA decided to try an innovative training concept which marries games with the crucial theme of customer experience. LOMA’s solution – a game-based, blended learning approach named Impact CX: The Quest – takes a customer-centric view on selling life insurance and property/casualty insurance products.

“The customer experience is an increasingly important differentiator for insurance companies, and most companies are engaged in initiatives to improve this aspect of their business,” said Kathy Milligan, senior vice president of LOMA’s Education and Training Division. “Helping employees understand how they affect the customer experience is a critical success factor in these initiatives. Impact CX: The Quest offers concrete, relatable examples, raising employees’ awareness of how their actions—no matter what their role is—may impact customers.”

Impact CX: The Quest is a realistic and thought-provoking series of animated branch scenarios giving learners customer-focused missions to test their judgement and demonstrate the importance of a holistic approach to customer service. The five missions cover topics ranging from empathy and journey mapping to customer experience advocacy, customer-centric culture and listening to the voice of the customer.

In different roles, players choose where to invest, how to improve the products and services the company offers its customers and how to respond to customer queries. Decisions count and actions have tangible consequences, with learners being able to see the outcomes of their actions immediately – good and bad. The scenarios are supported by interactive learning content to guide decisions, wildcards to boost scores, as well as opportunities to get a hint or undo a bad decision.

Primarily conceived for mobile devices, the game works well on all devices.

Impact CX: The Quest - Image credit: Leo Learning

About LEO Learning
LEO Learning believes that technology-enabled learning innovation has the power to deliver transformational results. Their purpose is to help clients deploy learning technology to deliver outcomes precisely aligned to their business goals. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, they design engaging learning architectures that fit seamlessly into businesses and improve performance throughout the entire organization.

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