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Serious Game Uses Emotional Intelligent Approach To Successfully Launch A Startup

Fireworks - Image credit: EI Games

Fireworks, developed by EI Games, was selected as a finalist in the 2018 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge in the Business Category.

Fireworks is a browser-based Serious Game that uses an Emotional Intelligent approach to entrepreneurship and all the steps to a successful design, creation and launch of a startup.

In the game, the player is the founder and CEO of Alpha-Beta games, creating and bringing to market a business simulation game for financial service companies. The goal of the game is to successfully develop an entrepreneurial concept, create an organization, build a culture of customer centricity, give it meaning and bring the product successfully to the market.

Fireworks - Image credit: EI Games
Players are exposed to and learn specific business concepts and practices starting with the development of an entrepreneurial idea and subsequently fully experiencing the journey of bringing a product to market

The player faces a sequence of entrepreneurial business scenarios in a 6-part journey. By selecting the optimum answer to the question posed in each scenario, they win “Viability Points”, a measure of the marketplace vitality. Successful achievement of viability points moves the player gradually across the following levels:

On the Drawing Board
Showing Promise
Getting Traction
Looking Great!
It’s a Winner!

When the player reaches 80% Viability points, the success of the concept in the marketplace is realized, after which the company will be successfully sold to Magna Corp for $1 billion!

Fireworks - Image credit: EI Games

Built within the game there is a “coach” in the form of the Chairman of the company. In storytelling terms this is the “Sage” or the “wise one” who provides objective and supportive views. Fireworks places a greater emphasis on value-based metrics tied to emotional intelligent business practices.

The game is intended for college and university students, mid-level corporate executives, as well as entrepreneurs in incubators and other entrepreneurial development organizations.