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Serious Game Allows Students To Make Predictions For Coming Elections

Image credit: Voters Ed by Second Avenue Learning

Voters Ed, developed by Second AvenueLearning, was selected as a finalist in the 2018 Serious Games Showcase and Challenge in the Business Category.

Voters Ed is a browser-based Serious Game that aims to give students an unbiased look into US political history and the presidential election process.

In the game, players learn about the election process, explore historical results, follow candidates' bids for the nomination, analyze polls, and make their own predictions for the coming election.

In Election History, students view historically-accurate data from every U.S. presidential election dating back to the first election in 1789. 

In Primary Pursuit, students track progress as candidates seek each party’s nomination for the presidency. As primaries take place, the delegate counts and map are updated with the results.

The Prediction Map is where students can simulate the results of the election. Knowledge of the Electoral College comes into play as students make state-by-state predictions as well as forecasts of the national popular vote.

Election History - Image credit: Second Avenue Learning 
Players explore historically-accurate poll data 

Poll Data - Image credit: Second Avenue Learning

Election Primers - Image credit: Second Avenue Learning

Primary Pursuit - Image credit: Second Avenue Learning

Primary Pursuit - Image credit: Second Avenue Learning