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Adventure Serious Game Helps Recruiters Assess Candidates’ Soft Skills

Image credit: Owiwi

Among 10 amazing start-ups from Athens to watch is Owiwi, founded in 2014 by Athina Polina Dova, Christoforos Loutzakis and Ilias Vartholomaios. 

The Owiwi platform is in fact a recruitment tool that takes the shape of an immersive, epic adventure Serious Game designed to assess candidates’ soft skills.

“Anchored on the latest research in business psychology, psychological assessment, human resources management, and bringing together psychometric testing and serious gaming in one revolutionary recruitment tool, Owiwi aims to redefine the online hiring landscape, one game at a time,” state the developers.

Potential hires are asked to walk through a game, assume the identity of the game narrative’s main persona, and make crucial decisions based on a series of conflicts encountered along the way. The choices made by the candidate as a player are used to formulate a psychologically-validated and comprehensive soft skills profile, as each interaction also adapts the storyline to the player’s style.

All images credit: Owiwi

“The result is a comprehensive assessment that caters to all personality types,” promises the Owiwi team.

The Owiwi analytical report aims to illustrate the potential hire specific areas of strengths and weaknesses, helping to shortlist candidates and hire the best one for the job. The tool is designed to assess a job candidate’s soft skills or interpersonal skills. Presently, it provides insight into a candidate/player’s following soft skills: Resilience, Flexibility, Adaptability, and Decision Making.

Image credit: Owiwi

 The anticipated benefits would be “instant, in-depth knowledge of your candidates, prestigious brand differentiation for your company, and excessive time and cost savings.”