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Aflac Trivia: Serious Game For Insurance Salespersons

BreakAway Games is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with Aflac Trivia

Aflac Trivia is a game that challenges insurance salespersons to see if they are aware of Aflac product info. Developed for iOS and Android platforms, the game is structured much like popular mobile trivia games and is intended for insurance salespersons who are not Aflac employees but sell Aflac products. It is designed to be engaging so that the contractors who sell Aflac products will play it.  During gameplay players are tested on their detailed knowledge of Aflac’s insurance policies, and learn the details they don’t already know.

“Put your product knowledge to the test with the new Aflac Trivia game. Spin the wheel to choose from four categories and make your way through Aflac Island. Along the way you’ll learn product sales tips, statistics and even stumble upon some useful wildcard information.”

The goal is to advance the Aflac duck along a path through Aflac Island, collecting gifts and power-ups along the way. Players are rewarded as they progress along the path.

The use of a trivia game was decided to entice the salespersons to learn what otherwise would likely be considered boring details of insurance policies. The game is available on App Store and Google Play.