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Serious Games For Consumers On Mobile Devices To Hit $800m By 2022

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U.S. revenue for educational games available on mobile platforms for consumers will nearly triple by 2022 to $800.2 million - and grow to a billion dollars by 2024, according to a new report from Metaari covering market leaders in each segment and catalysts driving demand.

"The U.S. market for consumer educational games is growing at a five year CAGR of 24.3 percent," explains Sam Adkins, CEO, Metaari (formerly Ambient Insight), "And market conditions for U.S. consumer-facing mobile educational game developers are quite favorable. I'm betting we will see U.S. revenues in this category comfortably reach a billion dollars a couple of years after that."

Metaari's 70+ page report, "The 2017-2022 U.S. Consumer Mobile Educational Game Market", covers projected revenue for all the major educational game categories; information on leading developers, publishers and technology developers can use in creating games; market trends; and catalysts driving demands is available for $400 from the Serious Games Association at this link:

Some key findings in the report:
  • A high demand for mobile early childhood learning games is driving the fastest revenue growth sector
  • Extraordinary innovation in augmented reality-based educational games is creating a whole new type of mobile learning product
  • Next-generation cognitive games and brain trainers have re-energized the market for those products
  • Location-based Services (LBS) is one of the fastest growing technologies, driven by educational developers integrating it into their learning products
  • The industry has experienced a recent flood of private investment into educational game companies, suggesting the sustainable growth of this category
  • The U.S. consumer market is the most concentrated revenue opportunity on the planet for mobile educational game developers

Adkins will be a speaker at the 2017 Serious Play Conference, July 18-20, at George Mason University, where he will preview his annual market report covering eight buyer categories: Consumer, Preschool, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Tertiary Education, Corporate, Federal Governmental Agencies and State/Local Governmental Agencies.  Link to conference at

About Sam S. Adkins

Sam S. Adkins is the CEO and Chief Researcher at Metaari. Sam has been providing market research on the learning technology for over twenty-five years and has been involved with electronic training technology for over thirty-five years.

Sam specializes in advanced learning technology research across several technologies including mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality, psychometrics, cognitive systems, simulation platforms, and game engines

Sam is the only analyst in the industry that focuses exclusively on learning technology trends in over 100 countries across all the major customer segments including business, government, academic, healthcare, and consumer. Sam provides clients with tangible data on addressable revenues including product revenue forecasts, emerging market analyses, competitive market shares, and revenue growth strategies.