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Serious Games Disseminating A Streamlined Business Process Across The Globe

Deloitte Center for Immersive Learning is this year’s finalist in the Best Business Developed Serious Game category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with Sales Command.

Sales Command is a turn-based strategy game for the dissemination of a new approach to selling to clients across the globe. Aimed at sales force in the wake of a major process change, it has been deployed to acclimate employees to the new process rollout.

The Serious Game works as a single platform for sales representatives to experience the benefits of a streamlined business process: how they can compete on a global basis, close deals much more quickly and collaboratively, thus expanding their company’s market reach and providing potential for increased sales and business growth.

Sales Command central idea of a 100% parameterized sales business process responds to a number of challenges major companies face today when designing their global market offerings. 

By incentivizing players to use the new approach in the game, Sales Command also works as a unique vehicle to disseminate massive change in a core business process that impacts a significant number of stakeholders.

In the game, players assume the role of a sales force rep and are given the challenge of closing as many deals as possible while implementing the tools and strategies of the new sales process, e.g. staying within the guidelines of process triggers, reduces the need for internal approvals and the time to close deals. Players weigh their decisions and spend limited action points to complete tasks. Once a player runs out of actions their turn is complete.  The game is over at the end of ten turns and the player’s final score is aggregated from performance in customer satisfaction, gross bookings, new customers and number of global deals made.