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Mobile Serious Games For Myoelectric Prosthesis Users Training

Design Interactive is a winner in the new Innovation category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with ADAPT-MP suite of games.

Conceived for upper limb amputees, the Serious Games aim to improve users’ skills in performing the muscle activations necessary to control a myoelectric prosthesis.

Utilizing a mobile application with engaging games and mobile EMG to train myoelectric prosthesis users, ADAPT-MP represents a significant innovation in pre-prosthetic training, providing a fun training experience and immediate feedback to amputees and care providers on training progress during the period before the prosthesis is available.

According to the developers, “training to use a myoelectric prosthesis involves significant cortical plasticity and learning how to consciously control muscle contraction, level of activation, and isolation through repetitive exercises. The need to concentrate and continuously react during training is expected to decrease with use, but often takes amputees many months. As a consequence, many users abandon the prosthesis before mastery is achieved.”

Design Interactive has introduced a significant innovation in pre-prosthetic training for Myoelectric Prosthesis (MP) users through a highly engaging set of games that can potentially replace the current approach and decrease the likelihood of abandonment of the prosthetic, thus meeting creators’ higher aspirations of improving quality of life and work/social reintegration.

ADAPT-MP Concept
ADAPT-MP consists of three components: a mobile patient platform with integrated physiological sensor and games suite; a compliant web-based provider portal; and a remote, secure server for data communication and storage. Games were developed in Unity and are currently compatible with the Android operating system.

Another merit of ADAPT-MP is that each game targets a different aspect of muscle activation and increases in difficulty as the user progresses, personalizing the experience.

Suite of Games Sample

Correct muscle activations are associated with stopping volcanic boulders from hitting the ground in Volcanic Crush

Appropriate dinosaur movements (jump, slide, sprint, bash) in Dino Sprint

 Movement via accelerometry combined with raw EMG in Dino Claw represents the activities of daily living (ADLs) that amputees practice repetitively following prosthetic device arrival. ADAPT-MP is expected to significantly improve the ability of amputees to control their myoelectric device.

Last but not least, the recording of performance data that can be made available to care providers to assess patient progress is another great feature of the game. 

ADAPT-MP is currently undergoing controlled clinical trialing compared to standard pre-prosthetic training.