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Serious Games Improving The Ability To Manage High Performance Teams

Pacific, developed by Gamelearn based in Madrid, Spain and California, in the US, has won gold honors in the 2016 International Serious Play Awards competition under the Corporate category.

Pacific was released on October 29, 2015 at a big event hosted by the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. It is the latest Serious Game released by the company, a world leader in corporate Serious Games to develop soft skills and led by Ibrahim Jabary, co-founder and creator of its first three games:

The first game, Merchants, addresses Negotiation & Conflict Resolution skills; the second game, Triskelion, addresses Time Management & Personal Productivity skills; while the third one, Pacific, addresses Leadership & Team Management capability.

The development of Pacific demanded more than a year of hard work (including input from CEOs of major companies) and a two million euro investment. With a 3D modeling and developed in HTML5 language, the Serious Game is compatible with any device – computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Game Context

Pacific is primarily a complete course with techniques, tips and tools applicable to leadership development - a manual, step by step, on leading and managing high performance teams.

The contribution of more than 200 leading executives and CEOs to the “secrets of leadership”, as well as Gamelearn’s 15 years of experience in corporate training, set the ground for Pacific’s conceptual approach based on six key notions: Making teamwork meaningful, Building a synergetic team, Team motivation, Tool development, Correct delegation of tasks, and Boosting teamwork through feedback and coaching.

Gamelearn decided to set the context in an environment of survival and cooperation: a group of people who are lost on a Pacific island - a favorable setting to experience the benefits of teamwork and staying motivated.

In the game, the player must lead a team to survive, make it off the island where they are trapped and return home safely. Players will enjoy a unique survival adventure while learning and practicing lessons about the reality of teams, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, delegation and empowerment.

With Pacific, Gamelearn expects to offer companies, institutions and professionals an opportunity to improve their ability to manage projects and high performance teams, a highly-valued capability in all areas of our society.

About Gamelearn

Object of my prior post Creating Adventure Serious Games To Develop Soft Skills, Gamelearn is a world leader in corporate Serious Games to develop soft skills. According to the company, leadership, personal productivity & time management, negotiation & conflict resolution, and communication are among the most valued skills by employers.

Gamelearn defines soft skills as the ability to adapt to change and believes that these skills are not easy to learn: you can only acquire them through trial and error. The company has developed Serious Games & Sims in order to help develop soft skills that otherwise could not be acquired.

Founded in 2008, Gamelearn originated from a conventional classroom-based training company that has evolved to a game-based learning approach, each product comprising three core components: the content of a complete soft skills training course; an online simulator, requiring the skill being learned to be practiced and a Serious Game for total user engagement.

Common attributes to all Gamelearn products are constant personalized feedback, high degree of interactivity, high completion rates, practical and applicable soft skills training and engaging learning experience.

After breaking the 100.000 students mark, with completion rates above 90%, Gamelearn launched in 2015 a new website to better explain the methodologies that place it at the forefront of soft skills training and reach thousands of professionals who believe in a new and fun way to learn.