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Zoom In On Winners Named In Serious Games Competition

Below is a release on the winners in Serious Games Association’s international Serious Games competition, covering all market sectors: education, healthcare, corporate and nonprofit.

Learning Games Earn Awards In International Serious Play Competition

LOS ANGELES - Monday, June 20, 2016 - More than 30 studios, publishers, companies and academic student groups addressing the growth of games for learning or Serious Games, have won gold, silver and bronze honors in the 2016 International Serious Play Awards competition.

The program recognizes outstanding examples of titles that deliver a high quality of engagement and learning opportunities for students, employees or other education or training situations. The winners are:


•        Learning Games Lab at New Mexico State University, Night of the Living Debt (K-12 Financial Literacy)
•        WeWantToKnow, DragonBox Numbers (K-12 Math)
•        Enabling Play, Millie Moreorless (K-12 Math for Special Ed)
•        Gamelearn, Pacific (Corporate)
•        1st Playable Productions, The Fiscal Ship (Nonprofit)
•        BreakAway Games, Vital Signs (Healthcare)
•        True North/Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, A Fine Line (Student Higher Education, Academic Integrity)


•        FlipSwitch, The Legend of Geomethor (K-12 Math)
•        Playniac, Anomaly X (K-12 Math)
•        Harvard Business Publishing, Data Analytics Simulation: Strategic Decision Making (Higher Ed)
•        Virtual Heroes, Mission Critical Operator (Corporate)
•        SweetRush Inc., Counter Intelligence (Corporate)
•        MAVI Interactive, Waisimo - Retail Customer Service Apprenticeship (Corporate)
•        Schell Games, Save the Park (Nonprofit)
•        BreakAway Games, NBCOT Navigator (Healthcare)
•        Preloaded, Superbugs (Healthcare)
•        Ayogo Health Inc./Genentech, Immunotherapy Mini-Games (Healthcare)
•        Creative Gaming and Simulation Lab at Norfolk State University, Kwizopia SOL (Student K-12 Math)


•        Classroom, Inc., Community in Crisis (K-12 Literacy)
•        CFORP, Sprite's Quest: Seedling Saga (K-12 Geography)
•        Radiant Games, Box Island: Epic Coding Adventure (K-12 Programming)
•        The Partnership in Education, City Hacks: In Search of Sleep (K-12 Study Skills, Science)
•        Supersoul, LLC, Hazard Ridge (K-12 Agricultural Safety)
•        Learning Games Studios, Inc., Xenos Isle (Higher Ed)
•        Allen Interactions, E-Learning for School Bus Drivers (Corporate)
•        Designing Digitally, Inc., Mercer City (Corporate)
•        iNK Studios, 1979 Revolution: BLACK FRIDAY (Nonprofit)
•        Allen Interactions, Vet Tech Terminology Challenge (Healthcare)
•        Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley, I Got This: An Interactive Story (Healthcare)
•        DePaul University/Play 4 Change, Soteria - Dreams as Currency (Student Healthcare)

About the Awards and the Conference
The International Serious Play Award is a competition that gathers top-tier academic, business and government leaders at the forefront of Serious Game development. Winners are announced annually as part of SGA - Serious Games Association’s U.S. conference.

The Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for both those who create Serious Games/Simulations and those who implement game-based learning programs. Speakers are the most experienced developers and designers in the industry, the top academic researchers and senior program heads from education, corporate, healthcare, government/military, museums and other emerging areas.


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