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Serious Games Providing New Ways To Increase MUM-T Capability

Camber Corporation is this year’s winner in the “Best Government Serious Game” category of the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge with MUM-T Strikeforce, an online, multiplayer, multiplatform, and fielded training game, developed for the US Army PdM-Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The I/ITSEC conference attendees also selected MUM-T Strikeforce for the “People’s Choice Award”.

This is Camber's third consecutive winning year at I/ITSEC SGS&C.  In 2014, Camber was awarded "Best Mobile Game" and "People's Choice" for "Eagle Eye" and in 2013, Camber was awarded "Best Mobile Game" and "People's Choice" for "GORRDEE".

The U.S. Army views MUM-T as a critical capability. MUM-T stands for Manned Unmanned-Teaming, in which manned aircraft work with unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  

The tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources expended on Army MUM-T research and development have grown exponentially in the past two decades forcing not only unmanned systems to evolve in their employment but also driving inclusion of MUM-T capabilities in manned aircraft design requirements and integrated base design.

Although much work is being done on advancing MUM-T technologies, the increase in capability is not possible without the proper training strategies. As the US Army takes the lessons learned and best practices from the past decade, it continues to develop and integrate new ways to increase capability without task saturating aircrew members.

MUM-T Strikeforce is a mobile learning application used as an immersive trainer for Manned Unmanned-Teaming that leverages an expansive and dynamic virtual environment. The application provides training to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators and Apache helicopter pilots. The game also allows aviators around the world to play against each other, regardless of location or device. The objectives of the game include the use of MUM-T tactics to defend ambushed troops and secure convoys, all culminating in an air assault operation with MUM-T support to liberate a captured U.S. military facility.

The goal of the game is to teach the fundamental tactics of MUM-T through a cooperative, multiplayer environment. Each player must utilize their skillset to become part of a cohesive team of Manned and Unmanned platforms. The challenge of the game is working together to overcome the enemy forces.