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@ Kickstarter Online Storytelling Game Casts Kids As Heroes Of Their Own Stories

The online StoryTelling Game and Journal that uses story, life skills and DIY projects to bring your best stories to real life.

Whyville and Numedeon are collaborating with a wonderful small children’s independent book store on a project to allow kids to become their own Harry Potter.

Specifically, today’s market for books written for children ages 8 to 14 is dominated by fantasy-based hero journeys. Aware of this focus, the Tree House Book Store, a small independent book store in Ashland Oregon, decided three years ago to launch The Secret Book Club, where children use StoryJournaling techniques to compose their own creative stories with themselves as the action superhero. 

In collaboration with the folks at Tree House, Numedeon wants to bring this StoryJournaling project to Whyville where potentially many thousands of children world-wide can be engaged in writing and sharing their own hero journeys.

They have just kicked-off a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to complete the online platform.

This includes:

1. The Secret Book - The StoryJournaling software at the heart of The Secret Book Club has been prototyped and now they need the funds to build and scale it to meet the needs of their storytellers.

 2. The Secret Artifacts - The apps that make StoryJournaling a fun and immersive game. Collectible Story Clues, Thought Bubbles, Magic Mirrors, Time Traveling Telescopes are some of their virtual gear for storytellers. Each app gives players the tools they need to more fully inhabit the monthly StoryGame.

 3. Technology and The League of Extraordinary Developers - Behind the curtain The Secret Book Club is a feat of technical wizardry. It requires dedicated practice of engineering magic from their League of Extraordinary Developers.

The developers have been hosting The Secret Book Club inside of Tree House Book Store as a labor of love for over three years now. That’s how much they believe in this project. They have set their target goal just high enough to cover the software development for the 2016 beta test.

If you want to know more, or would like to help support the project, please visit: