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New Book: Why Games Are Good For Business

Why Games Are Good For Business is Helen Routledge’s new book to be released next November by Palgrave Macmillan.

The must-read publication is a compelling journey through the overall landscape of Serious Games, what they are, why they work and who is using them to achieve market advantage.

As one of the rare experts who can genuinely claim to have shaped the Serious Games space, Helen explores the market opportunity in various sectors and conveys how role-playing can help you understand your competitors’ thinking and anticipate their next move.

Why Games Are Good For Business is an innovative and practical approach for those who want to learn more about Serious Games and how to apply them in their organizations. It features fascinating examples of how organizations as diverse as L’OrĂ©al, Shell, the NHS, and Cancer Research UK, are using Serious Games to lead a quiet revolution in learning and development, as well as surprising case studies on how games are making an impact in even the most remote corners of the world.

Here is the anticipated Table of Contents:

1. Serious Games - What, Why, How and Who?
2. If I "Feel" It - I Remember It
3. So, What Can You Do with Serious Games?
4. A Look Behind the Scenes
5. The Case for Genuinely Blended Learning
6. Measuring Success
7. Making a Difference to YOU
8. Don't Be a Technology Magpie
9. How to Get Involved — Next Steps for YOUR Organization
10. The Serious Games Manifesto

From the privileged perspective of a most successful game designer and production lead, Helen generously shares the techniques that games use to take learning to a completely new level by allowing you to be bad at them, stalling your progress, and then rewarding new visions of the possible that lead players to epic wins. A world where poor decisions or poor choices are never reinforced!

About the Author

Helen Routledge is one of Europe's leading designers of Serious Games and a regular speaker at international industry events. With a background and passion in behavioral sciences and psychology, Helen has over a decade of experience of applying behavioral and cognitive theories to highly-interactive Serious Games.

Helen's knowledge of psychology and game mechanics has been applied to an incredibly varied range of solutions including team building, leadership, sales training, IT security, disease control and healthcare.

An avid blogger and writer on the subject of Serious Games design, Helen's experience has gained her credibility and a name within the industry, as one of the leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs within the sector. Her experience has resulted in her becoming a recognized figure on the international speaking circuit on the topics of games for learning. Helen is an Instructional Games Designer and specializes in the design and development of engaging Serious Games. Starting out with a B.Sc (Hons) in Behavioral Science (major in psychology) she has worked on dozens of varied projects. Helen is regularly published in professional and academic magazines and journals and has been interviewed for a number of trade magazines and websites.