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Muzzy Lane Launches Cloud-Based Authoring Service For Do-It-Yourself Serious Games

Muzzy Lane Author - Insights Tool In Action

Muzzy Lane Software announced this week the release of Muzzy Lane Author, a cloud-based authoring service with extensible tools that put the power of developing dynamic game-based content in the hands of Muzzy Lane’s partners.

The company is initially targeting corporate partners, online educators, subject matter experts, and course builders. Eventually it will make Muzzy Lane Author available to anyone with a great idea for a game.

Designed to be mobile first, games developed with Muzzy Lane Author will work on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

"Muzzy Lane's new authoring system is a breakthrough for game-based learning in combining powerful design features with ease-of-use," said Chris Dede, the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. "Expanding the number of people who can build educational games will both increase students' learning and advance research on game design."

Muzzy Lane Author will ship with an initial set of five authoring tools: SmartChat, Insights, Vote, Align, and SlideShow. Several more tools are under development and the company intends to continuously roll out new templates for the Muzzy Lane Author service.

With SmartChat you can create lively, real-world conversations in a simulated chat environment, and provide students continuous feedback on their decisions.
For details and demos visit: Muzzy Lane Author – SmartChat

Using games created with Insights, students take on a role, review research, stake out a position, and defend it against cross-examination in a 3D virtual environment.
For details and demos visit: Muzzy Lane Author – Insights 

Muzzy Lane Author uses Vote to build quick games that let players compare a sequence of images organized in pairs, voting for their preferences until only their top choice remains. For example, a quick survey of voter preferences based on all of the candidates for the Republican nomination.
For details and demos visit: Muzzy Lane Author – Vote

Use Align to build games that challenge players to line up multiple items correctly. For example, in a Dictionary game, players would align a word with its definition, part of speech, antonyms, and synonyms. Align works well for sets of matches that share a common theme.
For details and demos visit: Muzzy Lane Author – Align

Muzzy Lane Author - Align Tool In Action

Use Slideshow to build quick, intuitive web-based slideshows to present a narrative context or challenge or present data to a player.

By moving established products like the McGraw-Hill Practice Series to its new game service, Muzzy Lane has made it easy to author new scenarios directly into these simulation environments.

"I'm extremely excited about Author because it gives me access to a wide variety of tools to create content-specific interactive games for my students," said Melissa Logue, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Columbus State Community College. "The various templates – from matching games to 3D immersive environments - allow me to scaffold core learning objectives.  The best part?  You don't need more than simple word processing skills to create amazing learning opportunities that can quickly be shared with your students to play across a multitude of devices!"

Muzzy Lane will be visiting schools over the coming months to demonstrate its new game service and authoring platform.

"We've re-engineered our game service to deliver a do-it-yourself solution that gives our partners greater control over their content at a significantly lower cost," said Dave McCool, CTO of Muzzy Lane.

Muzzy Lane will make Author available in beta release to a limited number of existing and prospective partners.  If your organization is interested in becoming a Muzzy Lane Author please contact or call 978-394-0319.

About Muzzy Lane

Muzzy Lane Software is a technology company powering game-based learning. The company has developed award-winning products with McGraw-Hill Education, Cengage Learning, Pearson Education, and National Geographic. Earlier this year, Muzzy Lane received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to explore applications of game-based learning for nontraditional learners.

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