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Serious Games To Train Platform Workers How To Recognize Hazards

Via: ABiz IND MediaTraining in Progress

For over 75 years, Frank’s International has been setting new standards in tubular and oil & gas services worldwide. The company’s roots date back to 1938, when Mr. Frank Mosing founded Frank’s Casing Crew & Rental Tools, which resulted in continuous and steady growth into a multi-service tubular company.

The Casing Services Division represents the core of FI’s operations. They began to design and manufacture their own equipment because the "off-the-shelf" tools available would not meet their criteria for ruggedness or dependability.

FI’s casing division demands the highest standards of training, testing and maintenance on all tools and equipment to ensure a safe, efficient and productive work environment.

As reported by ABiz, Jacke West, training director for Frank’s International, was looking for a training solution to better prepare workers with limited on-site experience to the intense operations happening on a platform, when he walked through the doors of Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) a few months ago.

LITE’s product development team has expertise in immersive, multi-person, interactive training environments that increase a worker’s capabilities and effectiveness in environment familiarization, training on complex machinery and in dangerous situations, and in measuring competency and retention of information.

When LITE first met with West, he needed a product that was engaging and effective, but after the first consultation, in which he was introduced to LITE’s IVLE (Immersive Virtual Learning Environments) product, he knew it would be a winner.

Working with West over the next few months, LITE took his original PowerPoint and textbook-based training program and elevated it to a high-end, immersive, virtual reality training Serious Game. This Serious Game environment was designed to train platform workers how to recognize hazards, when a dangerous situation requires a stop work order, and how to rig up a bail. During sprint reviews of the project, West and a few of his team members were able to come in to LITE’s facility and test the game at different levels of development. Throughout the process, the trainees who work on the equipment and perform the job duty were able to provide LITE with technical feedback and scenarios to ensure that the program was as true to life as possible.

Not only are Frank’s International employees able to train remotely, anywhere in the world, but training managers could potentially have the capability to receive data on how the trainees learn and correct learning gaps as they happen. This function is an added capability that Frank’s International can incorporate into its training program.

“Frank’s International wanted a program that allowed our workers to learn and retain information for safety reasons,” West says. “LITE has exceeded our idea of what the future of training looks like, and our workers are excited about learning on this game-based technology.”

About LITE

LITE, Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise, is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana and the only facility of its kind in North America open to both industry and academia. It was created as a partnership between the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Louisiana Economic Development. 

LITE, a $27 million, 70,000-square-foot facility located at the Research Park of the University of Louisiana Lafayette

Conceived as a magnet for economic development available to businesses and organizations, LITE is a 3-D immersive visualization resource center, hosting clients in commercial industry, government and university sectors.

LITE's leading-edge facility features a comprehensive set of advanced visualization systems, focusing on immersive training called Immersive Virtual Learning Environments. To add an even deeper layer of immersion, LITE also utilizes the Oculus Rift, the 3D stereoscopic, virtual reality goggles that place players inside the environment for a fully immersive experience.