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Simulia: Serious Games Inspiring Hope For The Future Of Cardiovascular Medicine

Inspiring Hope 

Simulia, is a division of Dassault Systèmes that makes accurate, realistic simulation an integral business practice to improve product performance and reduce the number of required physical prototypes.

Ghost Productions is a 3D medical animation studio that specializes in surgeon and patient education. Realizing that new medical breakthroughs are made every day, Ghost Productions uses a wide array of expertise and technology to transform medical discoveries into a breath-taking visual experience.

Ghost Productions has recently partnered with Simulia in a new project that explains to cardiologists how running extremely precise simulations on their patient's hearts can contribute to significantly better diagnostics. 

The Living Heart project, launched in January 2014, is a transnational research initiative to revolutionize cardiovascular science through realistic simulation.

The simulation gives doctors the ability to explore various treatment possibilities with each patient's specific condition and physiology and this is likely to cause a dramatic improvement in how doctors diagnose and treat their patients. They'll know exactly where to place pacemaker leads and potentially other treatment options for the best result for each patient.

The project gathers leading cardiovascular experts and educators with medical device manufacturers to develop and validate personalized digital human heart models. The aim is to accelerate the synthesis of multidisciplinary knowledge to provide personalized, interventional cardiac-patient care.

Conveying The Message And “Inspiring Hope”

Ghost Productions conveyed this message by means of a 3D Character Animation that explains Simulia's vision: Inspiring Hope.

The goal for Inspiring Hope is to inspire thought leadership and help doctors realize how valuable individualized 3D models and accurate simulations could work in treating life-threatening conditions.

Inspiring Hope tells the story of a young girl with a life-threatening cardiovascular condition receiving care from her physician, who had the full benefits of Simulia's heart modeling and simulation technologies.