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Serious Games Raising Cybercrime Awareness Among Adolescents

Master F.I.N.D, the new Serious Game developed by Fishing Cactus for Child Focus, was released last Friday, May 2. It is intended to help teens understand the online privacy concept and the importance of minimizing cybercrime exposure, thus navigating between freedom and control on social networks.

Child Focus is the common name of the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children. It is a public service, completely dedicated to locating missing children and ending their sexual abuse or exploitation.

In 2002, Child Focus launched the Click Safe campaign, aimed at spreading awareness about the potential risks of the Internet to young children and adolescents. The Click Safe website works as portal for online safety, providing diverse material on how to use the Internet safely and responsibly targeting children, adolescents, parents and organizations.

Master F.I.N.D is a mystery game in which the players must complete a series of quests to save the privacy of Internet users. In the game, players join the group F.I.N.D of web-detectives and infiltrate the e –Talk social network for clues about users’ profiles. Players then analyze pieces of evidence, use superpowers to identify users’ frauds and solve the cybercrimes, in order to become a Master F.I.N.D.