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Serious Games For Marina Safety Awareness Training

Launched on May 1, MYMIC's Marina Safety Awareness Training Serious Games were developed with the goal of reducing accidents and injuries among marina personnel.The collection of games leverages the benefits of game-based training solutions by allowing trainees to interact with a virtual marina where they identify and learn about areas that can be hazardous.

MYMIC has a straightforward mission to promote safe working practices by training staff quickly, immersively and cost-effectively. This product is a game changer, providing training that will never be boring or static again.” said Jay Bhatt, MYMIC’s CEO & President

The Marina Safety Awareness Training games portfolio include stand-alone products as the Marina Safety Awareness Training - Basic Marina and the Marina Safety Awareness Training - Full Service Boatyard, among many others. Users can also choose one of MYMIC’s bundled packages (Basic Marina, Working Marina, Working Boatyard and Full Service Marina) or custom build a training program to match the needs of their own marina. All bundles support OSHA (US Occupational Safety & Health Administration) compliance.

These products are compatible with Windows Operating Systems (XP, Vista, and 7) and Mac versions of these products are made available upon request.

The Serious Games are faced with realistic scenarios, where trainees learn how to identify and deal with potential hazards. Product topics cover, among others, dock hazards, fueling electrical, hazcom signage, PASS, heat injuries, travel lift/forklift, dry storage, power tools, cold weather, painting, dust simulation, control and respirator use.


Founded in 2000 by Dr. Thomas Mastaglio, founding Executive Director of the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center (VMASC), and William L. Younger Jr., former Director of Marketing for VMASC, MYMIC is a high-technology company specializing in Serious Games and computer visualization solutions.

They have a strong background in Modeling & Simulation and 13 years of experience serving clients in a variety of industries as well as all branches of the Federal Government, Department of Defense and international organizations. 

MYMIC combines practical expertise along with the knowledge gained from research and experimentation to deliver innovative, relevant and practical solutions that support decision makers. According to their website, every solution is developed with the entire organization in mind enabling holistic, contextually based solutions that can be rapidly implemented.

They offer immersive training simulations and game-based learning products that are designed to help engage the learner in transferring knowledge of industry and job-specific competencies, which can improve safety and operational efficiency.

MYMIC develops a variety of safety training solutions and works closely with marinas across the United States & Canada.