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Serious Games Accelerating Schedules For Construction Contracts

An immersive BIM-based experience from Serious Games International is giving construction trainees information in a safe environment before going on-site

Via: Serious Games InternationalAn Innovative Approach To Training

Serious Games International (SGIL), the commercial spin out from the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University in UK, aims to grab a significant share of this marketplace with the unique strategy of creating world beating solutions in the corporate simulation, 3D immersive environment and bringing a fresh but proven perspective to the business of applying games techniques to serious software solutions.

The construction industry is a key area for SGIL and they have developed a Real Time Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution for the Simulation Center in Coventry University’s Technology Park.

The Simulation Center is run by Acua Solutions Ltd., the corporate education and development arm of Coventry University, who offers a unique approach to Leadership and Management development. It employs virtual reality technology, highly-skilled actors, company specific scenarios and individual site offices that are connected via CCTV to a monitoring room.

SGIL is working with the Center, creating a concept that integrates the disciplines of professionals in the building trade and involves them more intimately with the design process. The aim of this is for the professionals to consider the pinch areas where the design of the building may not have considered impacts on the functionality of the building.

SGIL’s simulator leverages on SGIL’s development experience in 3D Simulations and Serious Games. It enables contractors, architects and professionals to facilitate virtual site meetings whereby they can walk through the construction in accelerated time. If edits are necessary, the architect can make them to a model on site and exporting the model to the Open BIM standard, so the team can share views, immerse themselves in the experience and become fully engaged.   
Tim Luft, Serious Games International Managing Director, says: “BIM places the construction professionals at the heart of a building or site in a safe, secure virtual environment. It allows them to experience that setting without the hustle, bustle and potential hazardous situation of a normal site; in essence it allows them to address issues, examine pinch points and make changes to buildings or developments.”