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Serious Games Encouraging Responsible Behaviors In Energy Consumption

The Serious Game 2020 Energy, by French multimedia studio Tralalere, was designed within the framework of ENERGY BITS, a European cross-media awareness program for teenagers (12-17 years old) financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe program, and that campaigns on sustainable energy use.

ENERGY BITS encourage more responsible and efficient behaviors in energy consumption and promote renewable energies. It involves 13 partners from 9 countries in Europe and beyond.

The game comprises 9 missions under three themes: energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energies, and three levels: individual, local, and global. 

Game Context

For more than a century people have been using and depleting energy resources carefree, as if they were endless. In 2020 the world could find itself in a deadlock. The player has the power to go back in time and to rewrite history. 

The player’s objective: to reduce the consumption of energy, increase energy efficiency and choose the best renewable energies. He finds help with 3 advisers: economical, environmental, social, but it is up to the player to take the good decisions to improve our collective future!

Gameplay Modes:

  • In « Play mode », the player must go through three missions which will cover each level (individual, local, global) on three different themes (energy saving, efficiency, renewable energies).
  • In the « self-guided itinerary », the participant is free to choose the number of missions he wants to go through without any constraints of levels and themes. This mode allows the educator to select exactly the module corresponding to his teaching project

The game is free, available to play online at 

Have a taste of it at