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Serious Games As An Alternative To Traditional Depression Treatments

Litesprite is one of the winners of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s recent competition– Games To Generate Data Challenge, with SinaSprite, a mobile Serious Game that targets women ages 25-50 with high stress levels of anxiety or depression.

In the game, players help Socks the Fox become a Zen Master. Players categorize their daily concerns and entrust Socks to “hold” their concerns while also engaging in other activities or mini-games.  As players help Socks the Fox deal with certain challenges, gameplay lets adults practice coping mechanisms that they can apply to other life situations. Evidence-based treatment methods are embedded into the gameplay so players learn healthy habits while simultaneously achieving the desired behavior change.

Players’ progress can be monitored by clinicians and caregivers: through gameplay, an activity log (patient registry) is created with contextual gameplay metrics that, in combination with the player-reported data (specific stressors, symptom ratings) can help assess the underlying issues related to player’s concerns. 

A year's worth of work has led to the prototype, and now Litesprite is seeking angel investors and partners.

About Litesprite 

Litesprite builds mobile games to help people manage health conditions like stress, anxiety/depression, diabetes or asthma.

The Seattle-based startup combines proven medical treatments with the engagement of mobile games. Clinicians and community health organizations can analyze data to understand players’ underlying triggers, communicate with players, and improve individual and group level outcomes.

While they aspire to develop a suite of games to address several health conditions, their first game SinaSprite is intended for the 40 million Americans, especially adult women, diagnosed with anxiety/depression. The team includes clinicians and game experts. 

A compelling emotional experience is the primary driver to engage and expose players to treatment methods. This is the foundation of Litesprite’s patient-to-clinician communication platform. Litesprite uses mobile apps combined with cloud-based technologies to collect user-generated data, passive data from biosensors and mobile devices to create an activity log. Through data analytics, individual insights and predictive recommendations are delivered to patients, clinicians, and health organizations.

Swatee Surve is the Founder and CEO of Litesprite. As a Lead Consultant at Premera Blue Cross she led executive teams to identify new opportunities in wellness and member engagement programs. At T-Mobile, Swatee incubated and launched the V1.0 Android Bobsled Group Messaging application and created the firm's mobile health strategy. At Microsoft Research she fostered collaborations in medical imaging. As Director at Nike and a thought leader at Eastman Kodak, she created high-impact change by developing and launching health & fitness technology-based businesses. These efforts led to several commercialization efforts and patents, some of which were in biofeedback and Nike's first wearable technology patents. Swatee has an MBA from the University of Chicago, an MSME and Biomechanics from Pennsylvania State, and a BS in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.