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New Release: Serious Games As A Playground For Learning Math

Imaginary Number Co., the Mountain View startup for Educational Serious Games looking to disrupt STEM education through a community-driven gaming platform, has released a new version for Mathbreakers with more levels, gadgets & characters.

They have added logins and analytics so players can track their progress, upload screenshots, and see how their knowledge matches to the new Common Core curriculum.

At you'll find a list of the Common Core mathematics standards for grades K-8. Next to each lesson you can see an icon representing the relevance of Mathbreakers to teaching this concept.

·         Core: This standard is a core component of Mathbreakers gameplay.
·         Supplementary: Mathbreakers can be used as supplementary material for training this skill.
·         Future: We plan to add this concept in future releases of Mathbreakers.
·         Not covered: This concept is not a part of Mathbreakers.

 Download the Mathbreakers game for free at