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@ Indiegogo Serious Games To Experience Real World Of Business

Via: Indiegogo Crowdfunding - Venture Tales: A Business Simulator Video Game to Change Society

Venture Tales is a Serious Game developed by Christian Ibarra for Windows, Mac + Linux available for crowdfunding at Indiegogo It is about setting up your own start-up and letting players experience the real world of business.

Christian Ibarra is a programmer, graphic designer, illustrator, game designer and coach who developed flash games such as “Zombie Home Run” and “TwitchPack. (Click here to access Christian Ibarra's Art Gallery). 

According to the developer, “users will be playing a game of life, where they have their own in-game character, living with their family, managing their personal time and stress levels, self-development and effectiveness in running their own business. Players will be able to value relationships with the major stakeholders. They can recruit and select employees, and assign them to whatever job they choose in their company." 

Players will also be able to manage the different variables of their business and evaluate how their business impact society.