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Serious Games For Ultimate Math Practice

Mathtoons Media Inc. is one of the silver medal winners of the International Serious Play Awards Competition with the Serious Game ThUMP, The Ultimate Math Practice in the Education category.

ThUMP is a multi-platform learning and practice app, integrating elements of game play with learning and aiming to make difficult topics, like advanced algebra and calculus, much more fun to learn.  Future plans are to provide this framework to other educational institutions and companies interested in creating their own engaging learning experiences using their content integrated with Mathtoon’s evaluation and performance reporting systems.

Developed by expert educators, master mathematicians and game designers, ThUMP, The Ultimate Math Practice is intended for helping players improve every skill in high school mathematics. From numbers to exponents to equations and graphs, all precalculus math topics are covered.

 Nine Topics, each with 100 questions: Number Skills, Exponents, Radicals, Basic Algebra,  Equations & Inequalities,  Intermediate Algebra,  Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry

Available for Android, iPhone or iPad, high school and college students can access algebra practice filled with engaging graphics and animations, as well as hilarious math challenges.

 Players can earn gold stars as they move up the levels within ThUMP toward the top challenging "brain busters"!  Questions are written in a straightforward way that encourages users to discover the rules within the toughest math topics. 

Parents can download ThUMP to help their teen practice for finals and ThUMP is a great way for anyone to refresh their math and algebra skills. All modules were created by a math educator and conform to NCTM and Western Canadian curriculum standards. 

About Mathtoons Media Inc

Mathtoons Media Inc is an educational technology company based in Kelowna, Canada, and founded by Kristin Garn in 2011.  Garn has taught high school math and university calculus in British Columbia and Manitoba for over 20 years.

The Mathtoons creative team includes former Disney animator and illustrator, Jessika Von Innereber who has spent much of her career creating rich animation experiences for children, working for companies like Leapfrog, Disney and FisherPrice.  Kelowna native Will Schneider creates the voice of Mathtoons materials and has his MFA in screenwriting from Los Angeles American Film Institute.  Jay Pozo has developed software for twelve years and worked with high profile companies including Blast Radius, Electronic Arts and Disney.  He has designed and built software and hardware systems for massive multiplayer online games, media hubs and various institutions.