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Serious Games To Map The Brain

EyeWire is an online community of “citizen neuroscientists” who map neural connections by playing a Serious Game. Similarly to EteRNA and Foldit, EyeWire enlists collective intelligence to solve scientific problems.

By playing EyeWire, you help map the retinal connectome (connections between cells in the brain) and contribute to the neuroscience research conducted by Sebastian Seung's Computational Neuroscience Lab at MIT.

Inside the retina lies an incredibly dense tangle of interconnected neurons. If researchers can map the many connections between these cells, they will be closer to understanding how vision works.

Citizen scientists can help map the connections of a neural network. No specialized knowledge of neuroscience is required. Their input will help scientists understand how the retina functions. It will also be used by engineers to improve the underlying computational technology, eventually making it powerful enough to detect "miswirings" of the brain that are hypothesized to underlie disorders like autism and schizophrenia.

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