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Arthrogame: Serious Games Reach Pharmacists Training

"Serious Games" are increasingly being used in healthcare. Now they have reached pharmacists, allowing them to better advise osteoarthritis patients (please find also Serious Games For Healthcare Design Beyond the Hospital)

Osteoarthritis, OA, is a chronic disease that affects some 27 million Americans according to the Arthritis Foundation.

OA is characterized by the breakdown of cartilage – the part of a joint that cushions the ends of the bones and allows easy movement. As cartilage deteriorates, bones begin to rub against one another. This can cause stiffness and pain that make it difficult for you to use that joint. Osteoarthritis can also damage ligaments, menisci and muscles.

The pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis can make it difficult to do daily activities including your job, play sports or even get around with ease. That’s why it’s important to learn all you can about this disease, how it affects you and how to live with it – a process called self management.

Developed by KTM Avance Studio in collaboration with Expanscience Labs, Arthrogame is a free online game intended primarily for pharmacists but that can also be played by the general public as a way to learn more about the disease.

Arthrogame puts the player in the shoes of a pharmacist, who has to give a fit-for-purpose advice to three different profiles of OA patients.

Each patient seeks the pharmacist answers to a number of questions about the disease: risk factors, evolution, symptoms, etc. The player must provide the appropriate advice with the game testing player’s knowledge about the disease on one hand, while also emphasizing player’s attitude towards the patient.

About Expanscience Labs Interactive Website

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratory Expanscience has revamped its portal dedicated to osteoarthritis, featuring new digital services to patients, physicians and pharmacists. is more interactive and intuitive. Since February 2013 a number of new videos and interactive media have been posted to the site, including the Serious Game Arthrogame.

Arthrolink also gives health professionals the opportunity to learn, train and advise their patients through dedicated teaching materials. A committee of three renowned rheumatologists updated and validated all data and portal content has been approved by AFLAR - Association Fran├žaise de Lutte Antirhumatismale.