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Serious Games Support Cruise Ship Crews Training

A new Serious Game from Engineering and Computer Simulations (ECS) in Orlando, developed for a Cruise Line Industry client, aims at helping cruise ship crews train for several different disasters, preparing crews for worst case scenarios before they happen. 

This simulation takes place in a real-time 3D environment where players assume the role of a ship staffer during a ship-wide evacuation caused by a fire. The player is responsible for completing each and all of his or her own tasks from the start of the evacuation until the passengers they are responsible for are safely aboard a lifeboat and out of harm’s way.

Players have to account for each passenger by searching the cabins, directing all passengers to the correct muster station, and ensuring that passengers are kept calm and safe. Each evacuation scenario may be customized according to ship size, standard operating procedures, passenger count, threat classification, and even the amount of obstacles with which a player is met.

A few cruise ship companies are testing this program now, and they shall start using the simulation later this year.