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Crisis Response Serious Games For Offshore Safety

Serious Games for role-playing crisis preparedness and response in the Oil & Gas Industry

Via: Engineering Computer Simulations (ECS) - ECS Offers Crisis Response Simulation Training Solutions for Offshore Safety

ECS announced on Monday they are unveiling their Crisis Response Simulation for the first time at the Offshore Technology Conference 2013 running May 6-9 at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas. Over 80,000 attendees and more than 2,500 exhibitors are expected to attend OTC, and ECS shall be the only modeling and simulation company exhibiting on the showroom floor.

According to Waymon Armstrong, President, ECS has the potential to transform crisis response training in the oil and gas industry.

The Crisis Response Simulation, or CRS, is a web-based Serious Game that immerses players in realistic scenarios to cover decisions that impact the preservation of life, the support of affected family members, rig stability, communication and social media, mitigation of legal risks and other obligations that appear in a crisis management situation.

CRS is customizable to a broad set of scenarios that represent the current offshore or onshore upstream, mid-stream, and downstream oil and gas industry. Its capabilities were designed in conjunction with the expectations set forth by the International Association of Drilling Contractors and will adapt in real time based on players performance.

Each role-player from the Rig Operator up through the Crisis Management Team and Senior Leadership can exercise separately or together for a high impact event. According to ECS website, they can remotely conduct team-training exercises with up to 200 participants at a time. CRS exercises can be geographically distributed for any organization at any time and will track and assess the leader’s proficiency in taking steps to preserve life, communication with media and stakeholders, minimizing legal issues, and completion of documentation necessary to excel in times of crisis response recover.

About Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)

Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc.  is a leading provider of Educational Serious Games and simulation, interactive performance assessment tools, mobile learning environments and enterprise-wide information management systems, located in Orlando, Florida.

ECS was incorporated in 1997 to provide advanced learning technologies; multi-disciplinary engineering and IT services; and project management support services for the government and commercial sectors.

ECS is organized into four business units: Defense and Homeland Security, Other Government Agencies and Academia, Commercial and Corporate, and Research and Development.

The company's technology portfolio of crisis response solutions includes: crisis response simulations, safety and competency based technology, immersive virtual worlds, serious gaming, performance assessment, staff training, and mobile innovations.