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I-FLEG: A Serious Game For Second Language Acquisition

I-FLEG ((Interactive French Language Learning Game) is a Serious Game designed for learning French as a Second Language (please find also Serious Games Building A New Paradigm For Language Learners).

The Serious Game was developed in the context of ALLEGRO, an EU project focused on the development of new technologies for foreign language learning.

ALLEGRO is a collaboration between Prof. Pinkal’s Computational Linguistics group at Saarland University, Dr. Josef Brugard’s group at DFKI, Dr. Gardent’s and Dr. Laprie’s groups of INRIA Nancy and Dr. Pietquin’s group of Supelec, , Metz. ALLEGRO is funded within the EU INTERREG IV program and received 2 million Euros for a three year funding period starting January 2010.

I-FLEG is currently a research prototype, but they want to improve it. The goal is to transform it into a full 3D Serious Game to help people learn French and learn it well.

Play I-FLEG and Help Research! Playing I-FLEG, you will not only get to practice French, but will also help improving the game.

I-FLEG provides the architecture for a personalized learning process in which the earning content is automatically tuned to the learner level of proficiency. 

The game is currently integrated in Second Life and exploits the 3D virtual environment provided by this platform for immersive learning-by-doing activities. 

In the game, players can learn French vocabulary and grammar by moving their avatar through one of the six houses and clicking on objects. Each time you click on an object, you will be prompted with a short exercise. After you answer it, the solution will be displayed and your score will be updated. You can also choose the evaluation mode to test your proficiency level. At the end of the game a detailed summary of your final score is displayed.

Follow these three steps to start playing I-FLEG:

    - Install a Second Life viewer, such as Phoenix for MacOSX, Windows and Linux and create your avatar
    - Go to the I-FLEG island
    - Read the documentation and use the I-FLEG Cheat Sheet to guide you through the game.